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Greyhound runs, but greyhound can't hide

Dusty has four beds in the townhouse -- including one about 2 feet from where she is now. No matter: This is one of her favorite hideaways when I'm scampering around with the music blasting.

A hot time was had by all

It wasn't the biggest crowd for a Friends of Greyhounds gathering at One Last Cast BBQ. But it certainly was the hottest.

At one point about halfway in, Jerry B checked the weather status on his brand-spanking-new smartphone, and he said the Feels Like was 99.

It wasn't completely unbearable. We did have some nice shade cover out on the patio and we would catch a nice breeze now and then. But the hounds weren't very active, preferring to find a relatively cool spot to lie down. And not many of the humans stayed around for the entire four hours.

All that said, it still turned out to be a good afternoon. Old FoG friend Daniel, who lost Jeff to bone cancer a few months back, came to tell Jerry D. and Michelle that he is ready to adopt a new companion. He set up an appointment to stop by the Sunrise kennels Monday to check out the dogs on hand. He bonded really well with Domino today, and I'm guessing that's going to be a match.

Michelle spent awhile talking with a yo…

Savvy delivery

Without a doubt, my favorite task as a volunteer with Friends of Greyhounds is accompanying Michelle on her home deliveries.

I got another chance to do it today as we drove the FoG greyhound bus a few miles northeast to Coconut Creek. This time, we had two guys in the van -- Savvy and Posey. Debbie, Kim and the two young girls, Riley and Hayley, met those two dogs last weekend at the FoG adoption event in Boca Raton and decided they wanted to adopt both.

The plan was to leave one of the dogs there today, return to Sunrise with the second one and then to come back to Coconut Creek with the second dog a couple of weeks later, after the women adjusted to having the first one in the home.

When we arrived, Michelle thought it a good idea to take the dogs into the house one at a time. Savvy was the first, greeted at the front door by an excited Michelle, followed by Debbie and Riley. We all entered the house, and Savvy, with me at the end of his leash, started in immediately on his self-gu…

Burning off some energy

The intense suns of summer began arriving here in South Florida a couple weeks ago. And I started getting distracted and a little lazy, depriving Dusty of her regular visits to the dog park.

On that note, two things started happening in the past few days -- the guilts about it started playing on my brain and Dusty has been showing signs of restlessness.
But I got motivated this morning and put the girl in the Kia Koach about 8 a.m. for the short drive north to Gary B Jones Park for People and Pups.
We weren't there long. We had some cloud cover and a hint of a breeze, so it was reasonably pleasant in the shade. But Dusty only needed about a half-dozen ball-chasing sprints to become gassed as the temperature moved into the 90s.

Here's one of them (note that she's mastered the art of chasing and retrieving but not necessarily of returning):

It was enough -- mission accomplished. I have a wiped-out greyhound sprawled sleeping in her bed now, a couple hours later. She'll …

A crowd of greyhounds

We ended up with a nice gathering of humans and hounds Sunday afternoon for the Friends of Greyhounds meet and greet at Pet Supermarket in western Boca Raton.

Posey and Savvy were the big attractions -- the two FoG guests auditioning for a family and a permanent home. Both of them were up to the task, making their case by body-leaning every passing customer who stopped to say hello.

Savvy especially was a big hit with a family whose two young girls spent quite a long while fawning over him. They were fascinated and infatuated. Mom seemed seriously interested, so Michelle might be getting an application on the big lover in the next day or two.

Several other customers stopped for some involved greyhound conversation, with seven other humans and six more hounds helping Michelle with her adoption pitch.

Mike and his boy, Andy. were the first to arrive for the afternoon session. Dusty and I walked into the store shortly behind Mike, with Michelle, Posey and Savvy appearing a few minutes l…

Herman has a home

Michelle dropped an email Saturday to tell us that Herman has found a happy home in Coral Springs.

The big white hoss left the Friends of Greyhounds kennels Saturday with his new family, which includes four humans and three other dogs -- including another greyhound adopted from FoG in 2008.

Show and tell

Michelle and longtime Friends of Greyhounds jack-of-all-trades volunteer Jerry B took a drive to Miami on Wednesday to introduce some elementary-school kids to the joys of greyhounds.

Posey, one of the FoG guests, and Slinky, one of Jerry B's dogs, did the honors at Riverside Elementary Community School in Little Havana. A great time was had by all the kids and both dogs, Michelle told me. Jerry sent along some photos for me to share.
Michelle, FoG honcho Jerry D and I did some cat-testing this afternoon with six of the eight FoG kennel dogs, and most of them passed with flying colors. Casey, Savvy, Taylor and Posey all showed us they would be quite happy to share a home with feline siblings.
Herman and Stormy, though, weren't too keen on the cat idea. Kango and Domino previously failed the cat test.
Don't forget to join Dusty and me at the Pet Supermarket at 9798 Glades Road in Boca Raton on Sunday. Michelle told me today she plans to take Posey and Savvy for the meet an…

Enjoying some fresh air

Dusty and I were back in Sunrise today for a scheduled volunteer shift at Friends of Greyhounds. The day was overcast and breezy ahead of some incoming thunderstorms -- a nice breath of pleasant fresh air. So I took the opportunity to spend some time out in the yard with a few of the hounds.

Nothing of note to report today, but I got a couple of photos and videos to share. Enjoy.

Calendar reminder: Dusty and I plan to join Michelle and a couple of FoG adoptables Sunday at Pet Supermarket in Boca Raton. Check Dusty's Calendar for details. Please stop by and say hello if you're in the area.

It runs in the family

Dusty and I answered an emergency call from Michelle this morning. She and Jerry got tied up longer than expected on a personal errand, so Dusty and I drove to Sunrise to give the Friends of Greyhounds dogs their noon breaks.

We're always happy for that task. Dusty gets to run outside with her friends Chumlee, Joy, Yahtzee and Mitzi. And, of course, I get to spend a little one-on-one time with a couple of the dogs.

It was my first real chance to get to know Herman since Michelle and I picked him up in Central Florida with his brother Buford a couple of weeks ago. It turns out the big white 3-year-old guy is just like his brother -- he loves human attention. Just like Buford, Herman is happy to body-lean against my legs for as long as I'm happy to give him petting attention. He loves it.

And, of course, I had to get in my time with Casey, who's feeling more confident by the day. He's happy to come out of his kennel now to greet me. Today, he actually showed a little pl…

Buford's new home

That didn't take long. It wasn't two weeks ago when I rode to Orlando with Michelle to pick up a couple of greyhounds from Sanford Orlando Kennel Club. And now Buford, the light-colored brindle love bug who just turned 3 years old last month, already has himself a home.

Travis found Friends of Greyhounds through an online search a few days ago and visited the kennels Thursday to meet some of the guests. He said he had in mind one of the black greyhounds he saw on the FoG website. But once he got there and as Jerry was introducing him to all the guests, Travis fell in love with the leg-leaning Buford.

Michelle and I delivered Buford this morning to Travis and his new apartment in Hallandale Beach. The apartment is on the top floor of a three-story apartment building a few feet from the Intracoastal Waterway. Michelle and I both were a little apprehensive when we saw it, wondering what would be the best way to get Buford up the outside steps to the apartment.

But Buford was a c…

This and that at FoG

Today was flea and tick and heartworm prevention day at Friends of Greyhounds, that monthly ritual when all of the guests and permanent residents get nasty liquids squirted into their mouths and spread across their backs.

All the dogs take to it pretty well -- it's more a time-consuming ritual than a difficult one with 13 dogs to treat.
Spent a little bit of time with a couple of the dogs.
Casey is getting braver by the day. Today was the first time he instinctively moved toward me when I opened his gate, and he didn't think too long before running out the door into the yard. He's feeling more at home by the day. 
Savvy, one of the newest guests in the kennel, is a big, curious guy who had to check everything out before hanging with me for a couple of minutes for some playful attention.
Michelle has firmed up dates for a couple of events coming up. I've created a page, Dusty's Calendar, to stay up-to-date on events. I'm in the process of contacting other groups…

A couple of more Randy photos

Janelle dropped another email with a few more photos of Randy. She loves sending these to me, I love seeing them, and I love sharing them.

Quality time with some of the boys

Dusty and I headed over to Friends of Greyhounds this morning to help with the noon turnout of all the dogs -- when I let them out a few at a time into the backyard while I freshen up their kennels.

Once that 30-minute routine is finished, I'll sometimes give a couple of the dogs some one-on-one time to let them stretch their legs and so I can get to know them a little better.
I usually always spend a couple of minutes with Casey to see if I can somehow bring him out of his shell -- which seems to be going pretty well. For awhile, he was happy to greet me and snuggle my hand if I put it through the opening of his gate. But as soon as that gate would come open, he would freeze in uncertainty, not knowing what was to become of him. It was a challenge every day to get him to leave his kennel and go outside.
He's gotten a lot better. Though he's still tentative about it, now he doesn't mind stepping forward and trotting past me to the door when I open his gate. And he'…

Signs of greyhound life

Dusty and I got back home last night after five days sitting with Holly and the cats. Holly was as happy and excited as I've ever seen her when Frank and Janice walked through the door. My, she was happy to have mom and dad back home.

And Dusty was thrilled to death to be able to crawl into her own bed, as you can see here. It didn't take her long at all to get comfortable.

We drove over to Friends of Greyhounds this morning to meet the two newest guys, Taylor and Savvy, for the first time. Taylor's a big white brindle-spotted 3-year-old who is going to need some time for an injured foot to heal. Savvy is another big guy, a 2-year-old who is a dead ringer for Randy, all the way up to the forward-pointing ears.

FoG's kennels are at capacity right now, with eight boys and one girl. Michelle has the guest roster up to date, which you can check here.

Only one thing on the calendar at the moment, another FoG meet-and-greet at the Pet Supermarket in western Boca Raton on Ma…

Doc in his new home


A Randy update

Janelle dropped me an email this morning to give me an update on Randy, who's been with his new family for a week or two.

Randy "absolutely loves the kids," Janelle wrote. "I noticed that whenever I give one of my very stern mom lectures to the kids, Randy waits until I walk to the kitchen and goes to comfort our son/daughter.

"He's very smart," she said. "We normally close all the doors in our house and noticed them open. Of course, I blamed the kids -- until I caught him using his nose to open our latch handles."

LOL. It wasn't me. It was Randy. At least now Janelle knows the kids were telling the truth.

Thanks for the update Janelle. Keep us posted.

By the way, any other greyhound families out there who want to share updates and photos with Dusty and Me can send an email to I'll be happy to share.

My new best friend

I've made a new best friend during my time here house sitting for Frank and Janice.

Luna, the inside cat, has taken a liking to me and has become my shadow for the past couple of days. It started Thursday night, my second night here, when she climbed into the bed with me and stayed there all night. Pretty much since then, if I'm in the house, Luna is right there with me.

Dusty settled down the second night. She doesn't spend much time stalking cats any more. She's gotten used to them being around. She seems to be fine with this arrangement as long as I give her some leash time, which I've been doing a couple of times a day.

Holly, though, hates that because she really wants to go with us. I feel really bad every time I have to leave her in the house to whine. But Janice thought it would be a good idea not to take her on a long walk.

Not much sign of the other four cats. I'll see P.B. up and about every now and then both inside and out. P.B. lets me say hello b…

A new Twitter greyhound friend

I was half-watching something on Frank's TV on Thursday night when I picked up my Android phone and began scrolling through the replies to a @RoguePOTUSStaff Twitter thread about TrumpCare.

Random Tweeter posed a procedural question about what might happen in the Senate, and I just happened to know the answer. So I replied to Random Tweeter's question and continued on. A few minutes later, I got a notification that Random Tweeter replied to my reply twice, so I had a look. His first reply was a followup TrumpCare question, and I replied again.

But his second reply was completely unexpected and took my tweeting into a whole new direction for the next hour. Random Tweeter checked out my profile and tweeted me a compliment on my cover photo of Dusty. He mentioned that he also has a rescue greyhound and tweeted me a photo of her.

So Random Tweeter (he asked me not to reveal his Twitter handle) and I veered off into a tweet-versation about greyhounds. I tweeted him a link to this …

Sitting with Holly, Day 2

Neither Dusty nor I got a solid night's sleep last night, while Holly and at least a couple of the cats spent most of the night wondering what the hell was going on.

Dusty is still having a great time playing with all these new toys, exploring every corner of the backyard and going on a couple of walks with me around this new neighborhood.
And she has decided it is her responsibility to protect Holly, Luna and me from those evil cats who keep turning up out on the patio and suddenly appear as she turns a corner into another room.
She is taking that responsibility seriously and spent most of the night on sentry duty. About once an hour throughout the night, just as I would drift off to sleep, I'd be suddenly awakened by Dusty's insistent barking when she'd encounter one of the resident felines. The only way I could get her to stop would be to get out of bed, walk to wherever she was and command her to relax. Holly would then walk up to my side, give me a look that said…

Sitting with Holly, Day 1

Dusty and I are settling in for our first evening with Holly and her cats. We arrived here right at noon, just as Frank and Janice were on their way out the door for a five-day trip to an out-of-town family event.

Holly is an older red greyhound. Janice told me her age a couple of weeks ago, but I don't recall exactly how old she is. I'm thinking she's 10, but it might be a year on either side of that.

She shares her house with five cats. I've become friends with Luna already. Dusty expended a lot of energy barking at Luna on a couple of previous visits here but by now mostly ignores her.

I have yet to see any of the other four cats. I think Dusty might have seen one of them because she bolted through a couple of rooms barking a couple of minutes ago. Janice told me one of them stays outside and the other three come and go, though they mostly hide. I have feeding instructions for all of them and will probably see one or two more in the morning when the wet food comes …

Brothers Buford and Herman

Dusty spent the day today in Sunrise while Michelle and I drove north to Sanford Orlando Kennel Club to pick up a set of brothers to add to the Friends of Greyhounds guest list.

Buford and Herman, who turned 3 years old a couple of weeks ago, are now officially looking for a family. Obviously, it would be great to keep them together if someone is ready to take on both. But both will be fine if they do happen to end up in separate homes.

That makes four new dogs in the FoG kennels in the past couple of days, with two more scheduled to join the gang Wednesday, putting the guest residence at capacity.

Michelle delivered Doc on Monday to his new home with a father and son in Wilton Manors. She made a solo trip later in the day back to western Miami-Dade County to take Ringo to his new family. Now she'll be beating a trail back and forth between FoG and the Animal Hospital of University Drive over the next several days to get all the new guests neutered and spayed.

Meanwhile, Janelle …