My new best friend

Luna on my laptop
Luna says I'm working too hard.
I've made a new best friend during my time here house sitting for Frank and Janice.

Luna, the inside cat, has taken a liking to me and has become my shadow for the past couple of days. It started Thursday night, my second night here, when she climbed into the bed with me and stayed there all night. Pretty much since then, if I'm in the house, Luna is right there with me.

Dusty settled down the second night. She doesn't spend much time stalking cats any more. She's gotten used to them being around. She seems to be fine with this arrangement as long as I give her some leash time, which I've been doing a couple of times a day.

Holly, though, hates that because she really wants to go with us. I feel really bad every time I have to leave her in the house to whine. But Janice thought it would be a good idea not to take her on a long walk.

Not much sign of the other four cats. I'll see P.B. up and about every now and then both inside and out. P.B. lets me say hello but doesn't stick around for too long.

Dusty and I have one more night here. Frank and Janice are scheduled to be home sometime Sunday evening. I know Holly will be thrilled to see them.

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