Brothers Buford and Herman

Buford ready to retire
Buford loaded into the FoG greyhound bus for the long drive south
Herman ready for retirement
Herman ready for the road to retirement
Dusty spent the day today in Sunrise while Michelle and I drove north to Sanford Orlando Kennel Club to pick up a set of brothers to add to the Friends of Greyhounds guest list.

Buford and Herman, who turned 3 years old a couple of weeks ago, are now officially looking for a family. Obviously, it would be great to keep them together if someone is ready to take on both. But both will be fine if they do happen to end up in separate homes.

That makes four new dogs in the FoG kennels in the past couple of days, with two more scheduled to join the gang Wednesday, putting the guest residence at capacity.

Randy with new dad Ric
Randy and Ric
Michelle delivered Doc on Monday to his new home with a father and son in Wilton Manors. She made a solo trip later in the day back to western Miami-Dade County to take Ringo to his new family. Now she'll be beating a trail back and forth between FoG and the Animal Hospital of University Drive over the next several days to get all the new guests neutered and spayed.

Meanwhile, Janelle has sent me a couple of photo-rich emails over the past couple of days to let us know that Randy is adapting beautifully to his new environment. Janelle reported that Randy already has learned how to navigate the wooden staircase to help everyone get ready for school and work. She also said he is adapting well to the rules of the house. Janelle, Ric, Lucy, Austin and Randy obviously are thrilled with their new arrangement.

Dusty and I will be in Plantation for the next few days house-sitting with former FoG guest Holly and her five cats while Frank and Janice are away.

Dusty will have fun romping outside in the yard with Holly while I hole up with my laptop and work on a couple of projects. Stay tuned. I'll send you some photos.




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