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FoG's Macau dogs making themselves at home

They appear happy and healthy. And thrilled to be off those damn airplanes.

The five Macau imports taking up residence at Friends of Greyhounds enjoyed some quiet, restful sleep Wednesday night, their first on the ground in Florida. Michelle, longtime FoG friend Andrea and I spent more time Wednesday picking them up at Miami International Airport than we had anticipated. Getting all five loaded with their crates into Michelle's van was a bigger challenge than we had hoped.
But we got the job done with little real problems, and the hounds are happily in their spacious kennels devouring their meals like little ponies, as Michelle told me just now.
Michelle told me she plans to detail the process we went through in her next blog post, scheduled for Monday at Suffice to say here that it wasn't as uncomfortable as you might think sitting in the floor of the cargo area of a moving van in rush hour squeezed into a small space between big plastic crates while…

Dusty has a house guest

Meet Sunny, Dusty's house guest for the next few days. Sunny is staying with Dusty and me while her parents, Hedda and Shep, are traveling.

Sunny originally was set to stay with Michelle and Jerry at the Friends of Greyhounds residence in Sunrise. But with five Macau greyhounds arriving Wednesday and Michelle's previous commitment to take in David, Turtle and Honey for the week while Joy hit the road, I offered to take in Sunny to lighten the load.

Michelle and I picked up Sunny on Monday afternoon from her home in Boca Raton. The 8-year-old girl has adjusted beautifully already. She's found her favorite bed and discovered a great toy, a big squeaky fuzzy hedgehog, in Dusty's toy box. We worked on going up and down the stairway last night and this morning. She seemed to understand the concept, but it might take a little time for her to figure it out completely.

In the meantime, Jerry and Michelle are getting the kennels in the FoG garage ready for their five hounds fr…