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Logan finds his way home

Logan has found his way home.

Friends of Greyhounds VP Michelle and I drove with him Saturday afternoon to Fort Myers, where we hooked up with Darrell, handed off the big boy and sent the two new best buds on their way north to New Port Richey.

The 6-year-old Logan met his three greyhound sisters later in the afternoon, and Darrell reported that everyone got along just fine.

It was a long time coming for Logan. He landed at the FoG kennels for the second time nearly 6 months ago after spending more than three years in a home that became a stressful situation for him. Darrell came along, found Logan through some Internet research, read about his plight and decided to adopt him sight-unseen.

It took some fortuitous timing and a couple of humans to go an extra mile or two for Logan to finally find what looks like a perfect placement.

Happy New Year, Logan. Looks like you have several pretty good ones ahead of you, buddy.

Logan's new beginning for the new year

Congratulations to our old friend Logan. The 6-year-old fawn fella has found a new home in New Port Richey, over on the other coast north of Tampa Bay.

Logan will celebrate the new year with his new daddy, Darrell, and three greyhound sisters in a nice big house with two adjacent fenced yards.
I will ride with Michelle on Saturday afternoon to Fort Myers, where Darrell will meet us to say hello to Logan for the first time and welcome him into his family.
Darrell, who works full-time at home, found Logan online a few days ago while searching for a male hound to fit into his family. In particular, Darrell was looking to welcome a grey who was having a tough time finding a home. He found the Friends of Greyhounds website and eventually this blog and read all about Logan, who has been in the Sunrise kennels for nearly six months.
Darrell also became interested in Casey and considered adopting both of the boys. But he decided two new hounds now might be a little much and settled on Logan.

A home for the holidays

Apollo has a home for the holidays. The 8-year-old fawn who landed at Friends of Greyhounds three weeks ago is with a Margate family giving him a chance to settle in.

I rode along with Michelle on Friday evening to deliver Apollo for a home trial with Debbie and Matt and their son, Jake. Apollo will be there for at least a few days to find out if he can get along with Shar Shar, a female hound who will be 7 on New Year's Day.
Debbie and Matt have a long history as canine parents. They had a couple of boxers before adopting Shar Shar, their first greyhound, from FoG a few years ago.
Apollo is the second FoG hound currently on a home trial. Kelly has been in Palmetto Bay for a couple of weeks. Michelle is confident that Kelly is in the home to stay, though he has not been officially adopted.
FoG welcomed a young Sunrise couple to the kennels earlier in the evening Friday who are considering adopting a greyhound for the first time. Michelle told me they were particularly interested …

40-mph couch potatoes doing what they do best


Big red dogs looking for love

Black dogs, kennel collars and winter wear have been moving out of Friends of Greyhounds at a good clip the past couple of weeks.

But the Sunrise adoption shelter still has a quartet of fawns as well as a brindle beauty that would love to have permanent homes for the holidays.
Apollo, at 8 years old, is the eldest of the current residents. He landed at FoG two weeks ago after being in his home for 6 years. 
Apollo wasn't much of a racer. He ran twice in Melbourne in 2011 as D's Red Fury before moving to Birmingham, AL, where he ran in five maiden races, always finishing near the back of the pack.
He was adopted six years ago, shortly after his racing career ended. But he recently went through a family breakup and moved into an apartment in Coconut Creek with his dad.
His caretaker works long hours, and Apollo soon became really unhappy with his situation, spending long hours by himself day after day. Dad reluctantly gave him up but knew it was the best thing to do for Apollo.

Greetings from a couple of old friends

Dusty and I have heard from a couple friends in the past few days, and we want to share their greetings.

Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks. Dusty and I as well as our faithful readers love hearing from old friends. Drop us an email at

A cold day in paradise

The hounds and their humans were bundled up Sunday for their gathering at One Last Stand BBQ at Flamingo Road Nursery.

The sun was bright, but temperatures stayed in the low 60s as a stiff breeze made it feel even cooler. Considering, the turnout was pretty good at the monthly Friends of Greyhounds event.

Michelle handed out a few more kennel collars and had some hound jackets and jammies to sell. And Lynne turned up with a nice spread of martingale collars to sell. Dusty picked out a nice holiday-themed collar she plans to wear for her Christmas visits to the FoG folks and the grandparents.

The day featured Andy's first public appearance since his scary heat-stroke incident about a month ago. Andy appeared in great health, and Mike assured us that he has fully recovered.

Dusty and I wrapped up our two-day visit with Reesey and Savvy. We had a great time. Savvy is one of our favorite friends ever. That boy is one big excitable hunk of affectionate greyhound.

Michelle got Kelly de…

Kelly's going on a home trial

That's two black greyhounds in two days for Friends of Greyhounds.

Four-year-old Kelly will be delivered Sunday evening to Sam and his family in Palmetto Bay, a day after Michelle took Kal to his new home in Coral Gables.

Kelly isn't officially adopted yet -- he's going to spend a few days with Sam's family on a home trial. But I would be very surprised if Kelly came back to Sunrise after visiting with Sam and his young son Saturday afternoon in Parkland at the Homes For Dogs Project event.

Sam and his family lost their hound to cancer a few weeks ago, and they are ready for another one. Their previous grey came from FoG several years ago, when Jerry D. and Michelle were operating in Hialeah. Sam keeps an eye on FoG's website as well as Dusty and Me, and he and his son got interested in Kelly.

He called Michelle when we were at the Parkland event and decided to make the drive all the way up there to meet Kelly in person. It didn't take long for he and his boy …

Kal gets a home

Our old friend Kal, the 3-year-old black hound who has been in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels since July, will head to his new home in Coral Gables Saturday afternoon.

Kal first met his new family a few weeks ago when Michelle took him to a book signing in the Gables. Michelle exchanged several emails with the family, who came to Sunrise on Friday afternoon to put in their application and claim the playful boy.

He'll be delivered Saturday, after the Homes for Dogs Project adoption event in Parkland. The event is set for 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Equestrian Center at Temple Park, 8350 Ranch Road. FoG and three other adoption groups will be there, as will

The event will be set up in a roofed pavilion, so don't let the threat of rain scare you off. Come on out and meet FoG dogs Logan and Kelly, a couple of the second-chance dogs at the kennels.

And don't forget to wear your mittens Sunday for FoG's monthly gathering at the One Last Cast BBQ stand on the grounds…

Apollo joins the FoG gang

Friends of Greyhounds has a new guest in the Sunrise kennels. Meet Apollo, an 8-year-old fawn boy who is looking for a new home after a family breakup.

Apollo landed at FoG on Friday, and he's already adjusted to his new temporary life. I stopped by to visit him this morning, and he seems like a happy, healthy, friendly, well-adjusted guy. He's eating well, he was excited to get attention and affection from perfect strangers, and he got along great with his fellow senior adoptables during their turnouts today.

Here he is (with the red collar) hanging out with black hound Kelly and fellow fawn Logan:

Apollo was adopted in Virginia six years ago by a couple who eventually moved to South Florida. The family broke up, however, and Apollo landed in an apartment in Coconut Creek with his dad. But Apollo ended up spending long days by himself in his crate in the apartment as his dad works 10- and 12-hour shifts in the restaurant business.

Dad has owned three greyhounds, and he is expe…