Sitting with Holly, Day 2

Dusty stalks Leia with Holly's help
Dusty and Holly size up Oliver just outside the patio door. Seconds later, Oliver led the greyhounds on a mad dash across the yard until Oliver disappeared over the fence.
Neither Dusty nor I got a solid night's sleep last night, while Holly and at least a couple of the cats spent most of the night wondering what the hell was going on.

Dusty is still having a great time playing with all these new toys, exploring every corner of the backyard and going on a couple of walks with me around this new neighborhood.

And she has decided it is her responsibility to protect Holly, Luna and me from those evil cats who keep turning up out on the patio and suddenly appear as she turns a corner into another room.

Luna on the patio
Luna minds her business on the patio
while Dusty and Holly do theirs out in the yard.
She is taking that responsibility seriously and spent most of the night on sentry duty. About once an hour throughout the night, just as I would drift off to sleep, I'd be suddenly awakened by Dusty's insistent barking when she'd encounter one of the resident felines. The only way I could get her to stop would be to get out of bed, walk to wherever she was and command her to relax. Holly would then walk up to my side, give me a look that said, "What the hell is wrong with that animal?"

And Luna, the small dark kitty who spends most of her time perched on the kitchen counter and whom Dusty has learned to just ignore, would sit there and watch.

Have seen very little of the other four cats. I've caught a glimpse of one or the other here and there. But none of them showed up for breakfast this morning. Guess they want nothing to do with the big black strange beast who's hanging around inside.

Luna got an especially big breakfast -- she ate hers as well as a second helping that otherwise went unclaimed. I took the other three dishes and placed them outside for whoever happens to find them. One of the cats found one of them, but two are still sitting out there.



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