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A day at the ranch

Luna finds some respite in a dirt bed originally constructed by Savvy with some help from Dusty. ---------- AccuWeather kept warning there would be rain, but the skies stayed dry all day for a greyt gathering at Dog Dude Ranch. The Friends of Greyhounds-coordinated event gave Dusty a chance to hang out off-leash with a few old friends. We saw a surprising number of hounds of the black variety -- Kal, Frozen, Rainey, Luna and Slinky among them. And we got a chance to see Savvy, my favorite boy hound in the world. I have a short video that shows everyone who was there a couple of hours in. It was easy to get everyone in the shot -- there wasn't much energy being expended at this point.  We always have a great time at these gatherings. Come on out to the next one. Nothing is set on the calendar at this point. I'll let you know when we get something scheduled. There's some new signage at the former barbecue stand at Flamingo Road Nursery that suggests it

Cheyenne gets her first home

Cheyenne meets Dakota, her new next-door neighbor. Click here for a video. ---------- A former Friends of Greyhounds volunteer has given Cheyenne her first home. The 2-year-old was adopted Saturday, less than two weeks after the end of her racing career. Fella ---------- Michelle and I delivered Cheyenne to the Sunrise home of longtime FoG friend Kim and her boyfriend, Mike. Cheyenne will share a nice backyard with her big brother, Reno. Kim had been on the lookout for a small female hound to add to the family. She stopped by the FoG kennels earlier in the week to meet Cheyenne and immediately decided to adopt the young beauty. Cheyenne's departure leaves Fella all alone in the FoG kennels. The affectionate 4-year-old brindle dynamo has been looking for a family since his racing career ended in August. He plans to be at the Sunday play date at Dog Dude Ranch, so come out and meet him. The event is scheduled for 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The address is 6305 SW 120th Ave.,

Cheyenne: A little bundle of joy

Cheyenne on her first day of retirement ---------- It took awhile for Chris to find a dog for the Friends of Greyhounds kennels. But it was well worth the wait. Cheyenne -- a gorgeous, tiny 2-year-old girl -- arrived in Sunrise for her first day in racing retirement. Michelle drove to Hialeah to pick her up Monday morning from Chris, who arranged Cheyenne's release from Florida Kennels. Chris had been on the lookout for several days for a hound or two to procure for FoG. But with changes happening rapidly at the Flagler and Hollywood dog tracks lately, adoptable hounds have been in short supply. Cheyenne is a white-and-black beauty. She's the first female hound in the FoG kennels in a couple of months. She's about as small as greyhounds come and has a sweet, loving personality. Here's a short video of her hanging out in the backyard with Uncle Jerry: Michelle will get her cat-tested sometime in the next few days. I'll put her on a leash sometime th

One last time (maybe) at One Last Cast BBQ

BBQ Dave (kneeling) surrounded by humans and hounds Sunday at One Last Cast BBQ ---------- We had a glorious day Sunday for one last gathering of the greyhounds at One Last Cast BBQ. Our beloved barbecue stand on the grounds of Flamingo Road Nursery announced on Facebook earlier in the week that it was closing shop at the end of business Sunday. Diffy and Creepy enjoying the beautiful day ---------- But not so fast: BBQ Dave told us Sunday that we'll know for certain on Monday but the farewell announcement may have been premature. Dave said it's likely that he will stay open at the nursery. If you get past the great barbecue aroma, it all smells like a lease negotiation worked out in the end. Here's hoping to see you again in a couple of weeks, Dave. We had a pretty good turnout of hounds and humans, considering the NFL playoffs probably kept a few people away. The weather was superb -- sunny skies and temperatures in the high 60s. Most of the

Luna's vacation photos

Luna with Dawn and Rosie at Ruby Falls in Tennessee ---------- Luna just got home from a winter vacation to points north. Mom Dawn sent along some photos to share with everyone. It's never too cold to have fun with sisters Rosie and Lily. ---------- Dawn, Lily and Rosie took their hound on a four-state expedition over the holidays. Dawn said Luna (known as Lulu when she was in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels) was a great travel companion. Luna got to visit dog parks in four different states -- Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky -- and went everywhere with Dawn and the girls. She had no problem with the frigid weather, Dawn said. Luna's faux sheepskin coat and hound tee helped her cope with temperatures in the single digits. Dawn said Luna got a bit spoiled on the trip. "Re-entry has been a little tough for her," Dawn wrote. "Each time I reach for the car keys, she is halfway in the car -- and I have to break it to her gently that she can

Mercury finds a family

Mercury with his new mom, Lisandra ---------- Mercury is in a home, and it turns out he didn't have to go far to find his new family. The muscular fawn was delivered Friday night to Luis and Lisandra in western Sunrise, not far from the Friends of Greyhounds kennels. Mercury and Luis ---------- This is Mercury's first taste of domesticity. The 4-year-old was fresh off his racing career when he landed at FoG in August. Luis and Lisandra are first-time greyhound parents, and they chose a particularly spirited one to initiate. But it's a great situation for Mercury. He has a spacious backyard to explore. His new parents work opposite shifts, so he will have someone at home with him most all the time. And the L's seemed excited about the prospect of taking long walks with Mercury to get him accustomed to the neighborhood. Luis and Lisandra had been watching the FoG website and this blog when they saw this video of Mercury in full-on prance mode. They visit