A crowd of greyhounds

Posey, Savvy and Dusty at Pet Supermarket
"Those guys better not even think about taking one of these toys."
We ended up with a nice gathering of humans and hounds Sunday afternoon for the Friends of Greyhounds meet and greet at Pet Supermarket in western Boca Raton.

Savvy and Posey with a Pet Supermarket customer
Amazed by a greyhound pretzel
Posey and Savvy were the big attractions -- the two FoG guests auditioning for a family and a permanent home. Both of them were up to the task, making their case by body-leaning every passing customer who stopped to say hello.

Savvy especially was a big hit with a family whose two young girls spent quite a long while fawning over him. They were fascinated and infatuated. Mom seemed seriously interested, so Michelle might be getting an application on the big lover in the next day or two.

Several other customers stopped for some involved greyhound conversation, with seven other humans and six more hounds helping Michelle with her adoption pitch.

Mike and his boy, Andy. were the first to arrive for the afternoon session. Dusty and I walked into the store shortly behind Mike, with Michelle, Posey and Savvy appearing a few minutes later.

It wasn't too long before Beth and David arrived with Molly. Soon after, Alan and Joan turned up with Noel at the same time we saw Lisa with her two greyhounds, Rachel and Bailey.

Andy at Pet Supermarket
First-arrival Andy
Andy, Dusty, Molly and Noel are FoG alums. Rachel and Bailey were adopted out to Lisa by Elite Greyhound Adoptions in Loxahatchee.

All the hounds, like the humans, wore themselves out with all the social activity. One of the store employees bought three squeaky toys for the dogs -- which all ended up around Dusty in short order.

FoG came away with those squeaky toys, a couple of snooze mats purchased by Mike and several grocery bags full of canned food donated by customers.

It turned out to be a great day for catching up with some friends.

Dusty and I will see everybody Saturday at Flamingo Road Nursery. Check Dusty's Calendar for details. Those gatherings under the shade canopies at One Last Cast BBQ are always fun. This probably will be the last one for awhile, so make a point to come out.

Alan with Bailey and Rachel
Alan makes a point to Rachel as Bailey listens in.

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  1. I miss seeing "a gaggle of greyhounds gathered in group" like that!! I was busy with all the company and didn't get a single photo myself. So thank you Scott!! The day went so fast. We came home with 28 cans of food donated by the store shoppers and that evening - - an application for adoption. They people in your article are going to have us bring both the boys out for an on-site interview. One will stay with them and one will be on hold. If the first guy behaves, they may add the second one! Posey and Savvy are both greyt dogs. Fingers crossed.


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