A Randy update

Randy and Austin
Randy and Austin
Janelle dropped me an email this morning to give me an update on Randy, who's been with his new family for a week or two.

Randy "absolutely loves the kids," Janelle wrote. "I noticed that whenever I give one of my very stern mom lectures to the kids, Randy waits until I walk to the kitchen and goes to comfort our son/daughter.

"He's very smart," she said. "We normally close all the doors in our house and noticed them open. Of course, I blamed the kids -- until I caught him using his nose to open our latch handles."

LOL. It wasn't me. It was Randy. At least now Janelle knows the kids were telling the truth.

Thanks for the update Janelle. Keep us posted.

By the way, any other greyhound families out there who want to share updates and photos with Dusty and Me can send an email to greytdusty@outlook.com. I'll be happy to share.




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