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Starsky says he loves his new home

Michelle over at Friends of Greyhounds got an email today from Starsky, the senior she and I delivered recently to Deb in Vero Beach. Deb also sent along a few photos. I've got nothing to add, so I'll just pass on Starsky's message in full: Starsky goes after the peanut butter. ---------- My first week with my New Mom and “siblings” has been GREYT!!  Thanks for bringing me to them! New Mom made me all kinds of soft treats from scratch, and while she was baking them, I got to lick a peanut butter jar totally clean! Yum!! I finish every meal, which makes me and New Mom happy! I’ve now got a bounce in my rickety step and even play with toys!! I have a tag collar and tag just like my siblings.  I love to take very long naps on the shaded porch with the fan going! New Mom says she has to check me often to be sure I’m still breathing when I do this! I’ve gotten a hang on the schedule around here and can give New Mom the “Look” like my siblings do!  New Mom