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Maggie taking charge

Maggie, the senior greyhound who lost her home several weeks ago after her caretaker passed away, hasn't been shy about taking charge in her new home.

Joan, the Delray Beach resident who adopted the 7-year-old last month, dropped us an email to tell us that Maggie has become quite the matriarch, especially at mealtime.
"Maggie is really channeling her inner self," Joan wrote. "She keeps everyone in line at food time -- no barking allowed from anyone. Of course, to achieve this, she has to growl and bark at the rest of the gang."
Four-year-old greyhound Zoe and chihuahuas Cassie and Smidgen "are not allowed to follow me into the room where the food bin is kept," Joan said. "She stands guard. I guess she is the self-appointed matriarch.
"Zoe allows her antics until Maggie decides she wants to share her bed. Then all bets are off."
From the photos, it looks like everyone's fairly happy with the arrangement.
Thanks for the update, Joan…

New friends at FoG

Friends of Greyhounds has delivered a few hounds to new homes the past few days. But as quickly as they're going out, more are coming in.

Dusty and I drove over to Sunrise this morning to meet this week's new arrivals -- three of them from the Florida Kennels compound in Hialeah. Thanks, Chris, for keeping those retired hounds coming as quickly as Michelle can make room for them.

Kelly was the week's first arrival -- a sleek, muscular black female who arrived Sunday with a broken leg. Kelly then spent the day Monday at Animal Hospital of University Drive.

Kelly will spend her upcoming second birthday hobbling and healing in the FoG kennels. But Dr. Ansara told Michelle that he expects a full recovery for the youngster with no long-term issues.

Dusty's injury last summer was much worse, and she's perfectly fine now. So we can vouch from experience that Kelly will be good as new in a few weeks.

Michelle retrieved two more hounds Wednesday night from Hialeah. Three-ye…

Pharoah masters his domain

Pharoah, the young white greyhound formerly known as Taylor, hasn't allowed his gimpy leg to slow him down. The boy has mastered the long, steep stairwell in his new Coconut Creek townhouse and is settling in perfectly, Crystal told me in an email.

To review, Pharoah landed in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels in the spring with a badly injured right hind that wasn't treated properly. The injury healed, but because it wasn't properly set, the ankle/foot area became malformed to the point where it can't bear weight.

Pharoah can use the leg for balance, but he essentially walks and does most things with only three legs. Michelle's orthopedic vet examined the leg -- she said Pharoah feels no pain from the injury and has adjusted perfectly. The vet said he will have no short- or long-term problems with the leg and that expensive surgery would only fix the appearance of the leg.

That said, when Michelle and I delivered Pharoah to Crystal a couple of weeks ago, we did h…

Dee Dee in Davie: Day 2

Shawn sent along a couple more photos of Dee Dee in her new home.

Shawn said in an email that she's not the only one in the household thrilled to have Dee Dee. Since Shawn's hound Zen passed a couple of weeks ago, Charlie had been suffering some separation anxiety when Shawn would leave the house, she said. But Dee Dee's presence already has gone a long way to ease Charlie's pain, she said.

"She's the sweetest, easiest thing to care for," Shawn wrote about Dee Dee. "She does everything you tell her, literally. She is so affectionate but sometimes looks sad. I'm sure she misses her other family, but I just cuddle her hoping it comforts her.

"She moves slowly and has the signs of an elderly dog. And she deserves much better than that in her final years. Charlie loves her, and his anxiety is much better, especially when I leave the house. I can't help but stop and pet her instead of just walk by because she's so good and sweet. She'…

Dee Dee in Davie: Day 1

Shawn dropped an email this morning with a couple of photos to let us know that Dee Dee seems to be settling into her new home. Shawn said Dee Dee's new brother, Charlie, seems happy to have another greyhound in the house once again.

"Charlie didn't cry when I left the house," Shawn wrote. "I got back, and both were laying down and got up with smiles, walked a nice walk together. And it seems Charlie is OK now, not as anxious. Still early, but looking good!

"Small issue with the cat," Shawn said. "But I think we'll work through it."

Thanks for the update, Shawn. Keep us posted.

Dee Dee's gone to Davie

Dee Dee, the 11-year-old brindle who landed in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels for the third time, didn't have to wait long for a new home.

She was at FoG for only about 10 days before she found herself a new home. Michelle and I delivered her today to Shawn, a Miami-Dade County firefighter who lives in Davie. Dee Dee is at least the third greyhound Shawn has adopted from FoG.

Shawn lost her older hound a couple weeks ago and had decided she needed to fill the empty space in her home with another. She called Michelle on Sunday, and they quickly agreed that Dee Dee would be a good fit in Shawn's home.

Dee Dee had been spending her days in the FoG permanent residence with Michelle and Jerry D.'s house dogs, sleeping overnights in the guest kennels. Michelle had planned to get Dee Dee's vet work done this week but decided to get her Shawn immediately. Dee Dee will get a few days to get accustomed to her new home before Michelle picks her up for her vet visit later in t…

Mattie and Boogie in their new homes

Dusty got to spend the afternoon with Uncle Jerry and her cousins in Sunrise today -- and I rode along on a long, circuitous round trip with Michelle to Coral Gables and then Pembroke Pines to put two more greyhounds in new homes.

Mattie and Boogie both found their families Friday at the Friends of Greyhounds kennels -- each within a month after being retired from their racing careers.

Coral Gables homeowner Elena visited Sunrise the day after she lost her beloved black beauty, Mocha. She called Michelle on Thursday to tell her the sad news and also to say she didn't want to waste any time -- she wanted another hound right away.

Mattie immediately claimed Elena, who told us today that Mattie has the same name as a favorite aunt. The brindle-spotted white girl is going to live a life of greyhound luxury with a nice fenced yard and a beautiful neighborhood in the Gables to explore with her new mom.

Here's Mattie getting her first look at part of her new yard:

Boogie is a first …

Scouts & Hounds and desserts, oh my

There were Girl Scouts and there were greyhounds, there were buffets for humans and hounds. And there were cakes and cookies -- lots and lots of cakes and cookies. Anyone have a need for a spare cake or two? I know where you might find a few.

Friends of Greyhounds and the Girl Scouts of Hollywood, FL, had a pretty good turnout for their Scouts & Hounds Pot Luck Dinner at the Hollywood Jaycees Hall last night. Temptations Catering owner Maurice provided the main courses, and a host of greyhounds and their humans brought the sides and salads -- and a couple boatloads of desserts.

And FoG spread a table with goodies for the hounds -- pigs in a blanket, cubes of cheeses and Spam, a variety of dog biscuits, peanut butter and Ritz hors d'oeuvres, marshmallows, jerky treats. And Deb contributed a plate of peanut butter-and-carrot cupcakes that were a smash hit with Dusty. My oh my, did she like those.

Most all the humans opened their wallets to buy a couple of items from FoG and some…

Reminder: Scouts & Hounds Pot Luck Dinner

If you have not yet RSVP'd for the Scouts & Hounds Pot Luck Dinner with the Greyhounds, please do so now. Co-sponsor Friends of Greyhounds is putting together final arrangements.

Sounds like a fun time -- certainly a unique idea. FoG is sharing the Hollywood Jaycees Hall with the local Girls Scouts for a shared event. The two groups will auction items to raise funds for FoG and the South Florida Wildlife Center.
The hall can be a little tough to find. The street address is 2930 Hollywood Blvd. As you can see on this map, it's not actually on Hollywood Boulevard. Here's a video I shot from the passenger seat a few days ago as Michelle drove to the hall. The video begins as we are exiting I-95 southbound at the Hollywood Boulevard exit.

Taylor's new home and two FoG arrivals

I usually write up news like this as it happens. But it's been a crazy couple of days in Dusty Land, so apologies for being late.

We'll start with news about Taylor. The beautiful white hound with the gimpy leg found himself a family Tuesday -- Crystal delivered her adoption application to Friends of Greyhounds shortly after Michelle and I returned from delivering Kango to his family.
Crystal had her eye on three hounds, but Taylor was her first choice. He made the choice easy for Crystal when he was the only one of the three to pass an impromptu cat-tolerance test.
Michelle and I delivered Taylor to Crystal's townhouse in Coconut Creek on Thursday. He will need to navigate a long, steep but straight and carpeted stairway to get in and out of his new home. He did pretty well going up and then down for the first time with human assistance. It'll be a challenge for him for a few days, but he should get the hang of it with some practice.
Crystal told us she plans to give…

The Kango has landed

That took awhile, but it's finally happened: Kango is now in his new home in Cutler Bay.

If you recall, Kango -- the spirited dark-brindle boy losing his sight to macular degeneration -- had a successful home visit to southern Miami-Dade County back in April. Rick and Janine and their daughters were looking at a busy summer travel-vacation schedule and told Friends of Greyhounds they would think seriously about adopting him.

Some time passed, we didn't hear back from the family, and Michelle and Jerry D. and I went back and forth on whether the adoption actually might happen. Then, in early June, Rick, Janine and the girls turned up at a gathering at One Last Cast BBQ in Davie and had a conversation with Michelle. A couple of days later, Rick told Michelle in an email that they had decided they would adopt Kango -- but they were heading out on another trip and needed to wait until they returned home to take in their new dog.

Michelle then got a message Monday from Janine that…

Please help find her way home

This young girl was found wandering the streets this morning in a neighborhood south of Griffin Road and east of U.S. 441. Friends of Greyhounds has her now and hopes to find her owner. She was found with no collar, no tags, hasn't been microchipped. Tats have been run through the greyhound registration database, so FoG knows pretty much everything about her except who she belongs to now. Her last race was at Palm Beach Kennel Club in April, so she hasn't been in a home for very long. It appears someone is taking good care of her, as her coat is shiny and her nails are trimmed. If you recognize this greyhound and/or know who she belongs to, please contact Michelle or Jerry at Friends of Greyhounds ( 954-578-0072.

UPDATE: It's a happy ending. Owner has been found, thanks to word spreading like wildfire on Facebook.

You looking at me?

Hot, humid summer nights in South Florida sap the energy out of greyhounds and sitters fairly quickly. But there's always time to pose for photos while waiting for a snack.

Maggie and the Munchkins

Got another update from Joan, who says Maggie is adjusting very well to her new life in Delray Beach.

The last time we checked in, Joan had purchased a new bed for Maggie, who will celebrate her seventh birthday in a few days. Joan says Maggie loves her new bed so much, she hasn't been spending much time on the sofa recently.

From the looks of things, Maggie doesn't mind sharing her bed with Cassie and Smidgen -- who Joan called The Munchkins.

Joan said she's caught Maggie and her greyhound sister, Zoe, hanging out in the same bed together a couple of times, though one of them usually tires of that arrangement pretty quickly.

"Maggie has given a couple of deep growls/barks at Zoe when Zoe gets a little rambunctious in the morning," Joan said in an email. "They both compete for my attention when it is time to get me out of bed. I get body-slammed and nuzzled until I get up.

"Maggie sleeps on her bed at night. She will jump on the bed when I first go in …

Clifford goes home to Parkland

Clifford, the most recent big red dog to land in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels, got to see his new home in Parkland today for the first time.

Dusty got a chance to hang with her buddies in Sunrise for a couple of hours as Michelle and I made the drive north to deliver Clifford to his new family. Jay, Corenna, Sebastian and Elias were all outside in the hot sun standing in the driveway as we pulled up.

Clifford got to meet his new canine brother, Moncrief, shortly after we arrived. Jay and Corenna took the two for a leash walk around the perimeter of the cul-de-sac for a few minutes, and they got along great.

Clifford wasn't at FoG for very long. He and Boogie arrived from the Hialeah compound eight days ago, a couple of hours before Jay, Corenna and the boys visited the Sunrise shelter to window-shop the hounds. Clifford stayed in Sunrise as a guest for a few days while the family went on a short trip, arriving back home today.

A Maggie update

Joan in Delray Beach sent an email a couple of days ago to update us on Maggie, the skinny little brindle female who was re-homed after her previous adopter passed away.

Maggie, set to celebrate her seventh birthday later this month, is happy and comfortable after less than two weeks in her new home. Joan sent photographic proof. Maggies is already assuming the roach position in her new environment.
As you recall, Maggie was really skinny and nervous when she turned up at Friends of Greyhounds about three weeks ago. But she showed us a good appetite almost immediately, and she got past her fear about her situation in only a day or two. She seemed to be happy, healthy hound. But those ribs ...
Joan tells us her vet obtained Maggie's health records from a vet in Boynton Beach, which revealed that Maggie has lost six pounds since March. Quick math: roughly 10% of body weight. Joan's vet said her thyroid levels are low but there are no exterior signs of dysfunction. Maggie was no…

Greyt anticipation

This is what happens when you go to Joy's new house in Plantation to walk her dogs and then you reach into the pantry and grab the bag of Grillers.

They know that distinctive sound of a human hand grabbing at that bag. It's music to their ears.