Savvy delivery

Savvy with his new family in Coconut Creek
Savvy with little sis Riley, big sis Hayley, mom Kim and grandmom Debbie
Without a doubt, my favorite task as a volunteer with Friends of Greyhounds is accompanying Michelle on her home deliveries.

I got another chance to do it today as we drove the FoG greyhound bus a few miles northeast to Coconut Creek. This time, we had two guys in the van -- Savvy and Posey. Debbie, Kim and the two young girls, Riley and Hayley, met those two dogs last weekend at the FoG adoption event in Boca Raton and decided they wanted to adopt both.

The plan was to leave one of the dogs there today, return to Sunrise with the second one and then to come back to Coconut Creek with the second dog a couple of weeks later, after the women adjusted to having the first one in the home.

Posey at Pet Supermarket
When we arrived, Michelle thought it a good idea to take the dogs into the house one at a time. Savvy was the first, greeted at the front door by an excited Michelle, followed by Debbie and Riley. We all entered the house, and Savvy, with me at the end of his leash, started in immediately on his self-guided tour of the house. Riley retrieved her sister from their bedroom in the back of the house, and all of us followed Savvy outside to check out his patio and his nice new yard.

Savvy loved the place. He checked out every corner of the house -- inside and out -- and obviously approved. When we were all gathered in the living room, I handed Savvy's leash off to Michelle and went out to the van to get Posey, who then took his own tour of the property.

After a discussion with Michelle, the ladies decided to adopt Savvy today. They said they want to adopt Posey in a couple of weeks, but they gave their blessing for Michelle to adopt him out elsewhere if someone speaks up for him. Debbie and Kim agreed that if Posey finds a home elsewhere by the time they're ready for a second dog, they would happily pick out another one from the kennel.

So for now, congratulations to Savvy on his new home. He's going to get a ton of attention from his new family. The youngsters especially are thrilled to death.

Saturday gathering: Bring your hounds to One Last Cast BBQ on the Flamingo Road Nursery grounds. Dusty and I will be there around 11 a.m. Michelle plans to have Posey and Domino with her. Nothing better than great barbecue, beautiful hounds and great people on a Saturday afternoon.

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