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No word on Florida greyhounds, but Macau is sending some

Yahtzee, Dusty, Chumlee and Mitzi (as well as the absent Joy) await the arrival of new friends from Macau. ---------- A flood of abandoned greyhounds much of the public was expecting after the passage of Amendment 13 earlier this month hasn't happened. We still have very little word from anyone as to what is going to happen and when with all those Florida greyhounds. I have been talking with Michelle and Jerry over at Friends of Greyhounds about what they might be hearing. Most of the phone calls and contacts they've been getting are from prospective fosters and adopters. We do hear rumors out of the racing kennels every now and then as to what might or might not be going on. As with all rumors, some are unsubstantiated, some are exaggerations and some are yet to be confirmed or denied. Michelle has written a couple of blog posts to report what she's been hearing. Our best collaborative guess at this point is that racing at most of the Florida tracks is going to

Another run at Chapman Field Park

We had so much fun last week, Dusty and I decided to do it again and drove to Coral Gables this morning to hook up with Dawn and her girls at Chapman Field Park. Dusty got a little dusty after a couple of runs on a humid day. ---------- It was a humid day, a bit less comfortable than our outing last week. Dawn, Rosie, Lily, Luna, Dusty and I did have the large enclosed area all to ourselves when we got there. But the two hounds weren't quite as energetic in the dog park as they were last week -- at least in the beginning. We were joined not too long after we got there by a young local family with one of the cutest puppies ever -- a 4-month-old weimaraner named Shadow. This beautiful, energetic boy was all ears and paws and energy, and he was able to coax Dusty and Luna into a couple of good runs. Catch a glimpse of Shadow at the end of this video . Dawn got some great photos of the two hounds I really wanted to share: Rosie got to do all the work on the way to the