A new Twitter greyhound friend

Novara relaxing at home
I was half-watching something on Frank's TV on Thursday night when I picked up my Android phone and began scrolling through the replies to a @RoguePOTUSStaff Twitter thread about TrumpCare.

Random Tweeter posed a procedural question about what might happen in the Senate, and I just happened to know the answer. So I replied to Random Tweeter's question and continued on. A few minutes later, I got a notification that Random Tweeter replied to my reply twice, so I had a look. His first reply was a followup TrumpCare question, and I replied again.

But his second reply was completely unexpected and took my tweeting into a whole new direction for the next hour. Random Tweeter checked out my profile and tweeted me a compliment on my cover photo of Dusty. He mentioned that he also has a rescue greyhound and tweeted me a photo of her.

So Random Tweeter (he asked me not to reveal his Twitter handle) and I veered off into a tweet-versation about greyhounds. I tweeted him a link to this blog. He liked the blog, so I asked him to send me an email to tell me a little bit about his grey so I could write this post.

The greyhound's name is Novara. She's 12 years old. Random Tweeter is novelist J.C. Macek III, who told me he adopted Novara in November 2008 from the Southern California chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (which since has become FastFriends Greyhound Adoptions of California).

"She's been with us this whole time," J.C. said in his email, "and is spoiled as all hell (ha ha), and I couldn't ask for a better dog.

"She was injured a few months ago by another dog in the dog park here," J.C. continued, "but she made more than a complete recovery, and it's almost impossible to tell where the wound was."

Novara lives with J.C. and his wife and daughter. They have another dog, a half-Italian greyhound, half-Jack Russell terrier named Jack. The household is completed by a Maine Coon cat named Kyra and a rabbit named Bonnie.

J.C. has a couple of books for sale at Amazon: Seven Days to Die: A Jake Slater Mystery and The Pretty Good and Pretty Representative Stories of J.C. Macek III. He used to write about horror movies at worldsgreatestcritic.com and has a few IMDB credits.

And in his email, he pointed me to a pretty cool YouTube video starring Novara (here's a link for email subscribers who don't get the embedded videos):


For your calendar: Friends of Greyhounds will have another meet-and-greet Sunday at Pet Supermarket, 9798 Glades Road in Boca Raton. Michelle told me she will bring a couple of the adoptable dogs with her. They'll be there 2-6 p.m. Dusty and I are sorry we'll have to miss this one. But we'll probably see you there the next time.


  1. Excellent article, my new friend. Thank you!
    I'll have to read it to Novara tonight.
    I've also sent it to my older daughter Lexi who has been with Novara since we first adopted her. She's going to love this.
    Keep in touch!

    1. Thank you for your kind and supportive words, J.C. Looking forward to hearing more from you and Novara. Keep me posted.


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