This and that at FoG

Today was flea and tick and heartworm prevention day at Friends of Greyhounds, that monthly ritual when all of the guests and permanent residents get nasty liquids squirted into their mouths and spread across their backs.

Savvy at FoG
Savvy enjoying a little kennel-free time
All the dogs take to it pretty well -- it's more a time-consuming ritual than a difficult one with 13 dogs to treat.

Spent a little bit of time with a couple of the dogs.

Casey is getting braver by the day. Today was the first time he instinctively moved toward me when I opened his gate, and he didn't think too long before running out the door into the yard. He's feeling more at home by the day. 

Savvy, one of the newest guests in the kennel, is a big, curious guy who had to check everything out before hanging with me for a couple of minutes for some playful attention.

Michelle has firmed up dates for a couple of events coming up. I've created a page, Dusty's Calendar, to stay up-to-date on events. I'm in the process of contacting other groups around the area to get on mailing lists and contact lists so I can stay up-to-date. In time, I hope to make it a fairly comprehensive roundup. Stay tuned.

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