Quality time with some of the boys

Buford at FoG
Buford enjoys some neck rubs.
Dusty and I headed over to Friends of Greyhounds this morning to help with the noon turnout of all the dogs -- when I let them out a few at a time into the backyard while I freshen up their kennels.

Once that 30-minute routine is finished, I'll sometimes give a couple of the dogs some one-on-one time to let them stretch their legs and so I can get to know them a little better.

I usually always spend a couple of minutes with Casey to see if I can somehow bring him out of his shell -- which seems to be going pretty well. For awhile, he was happy to greet me and snuggle my hand if I put it through the opening of his gate. But as soon as that gate would come open, he would freeze in uncertainty, not knowing what was to become of him. It was a challenge every day to get him to leave his kennel and go outside.

He's gotten a lot better. Though he's still tentative about it, now he doesn't mind stepping forward and trotting past me to the door when I open his gate. And he's at a point where he'll happily take a few steps forward out of his kennel during one-on-one time for some ear rubbing and encouragement. He won't come too far out of his kennel, and he tends to avoid eye contact. But he is showing some eagerness to have some friendly attention.

Taylor at FoG
Taylor only wants attention.
I also spent a few minutes each with two of the new guys -- Buford and Taylor. Both of those guys are lovers and will be great pets for some lucky adopters.

Buford is a laid-back, friendly fellow with a little curiosity. He had to sniff around a few corners after I let him out of the kennel and took a seat on a stool in the corner.

But he quickly found his way to me and was happy to just lean against me for several minutes while I paid him some good physical and verbal attention.

Taylor, though, is 100% attention hound. All he was interested in was crowding me as close as he could with his torso and cradling the crook of my arm with his chin while I spent time petting him and talking to him. That's all he wanted.



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