A Maggie update

Maggie very comfy in Delray Beach
Maggie making herself comfortable in her new home
Joan in Delray Beach sent an email a couple of days ago to update us on Maggie, the skinny little brindle female who was re-homed after her previous adopter passed away.

Maggie, set to celebrate her seventh birthday later this month, is happy and comfortable after less than two weeks in her new home. Joan sent photographic proof. Maggies is already assuming the roach position in her new environment.

Zoe in the roach position
Zoe has roaching room now that Maggie has a new bed.
As you recall, Maggie was really skinny and nervous when she turned up at Friends of Greyhounds about three weeks ago. But she showed us a good appetite almost immediately, and she got past her fear about her situation in only a day or two. She seemed to be happy, healthy hound. But those ribs ...

Joan tells us her vet obtained Maggie's health records from a vet in Boynton Beach, which revealed that Maggie has lost six pounds since March. Quick math: roughly 10% of body weight. Joan's vet said her thyroid levels are low but there are no exterior signs of dysfunction. Maggie was not prescribed any medication for now -- they are going to monitor her weight to see if she gets a little heavier over the next few weeks.

Joan did buy a new bed for the girl -- not only did Maggie claim the couch as her own, but she also decided that her new sister Zoe would be sharing her bed. Zoe apparently wasn't completely amenable to that idea, so mom got a new piece of furniture to keep peace in the family. It seems to have worked.

In the meantime, the little siblings, Cassie and Smidgen, pretty much stay out of the way of the big ones -- except to steal a toy or a little bed space here and there, according to mom.

Thanks, Joan, for the update. Please keep us posted on any developments. Maggie's built up a bit of a following among our readers.

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