New friends at FoG

Hawk at Friends of Greyhounds
Hawk, one of the new arrivals at Friends of Greyhounds
Friends of Greyhounds has delivered a few hounds to new homes the past few days. But as quickly as they're going out, more are coming in.

Dusty and I drove over to Sunrise this morning to meet this week's new arrivals -- three of them from the Florida Kennels compound in Hialeah. Thanks, Chris, for keeping those retired hounds coming as quickly as Michelle can make room for them.

Kelly was the week's first arrival -- a sleek, muscular black female who arrived Sunday with a broken leg. Kelly then spent the day Monday at Animal Hospital of University Drive.

Kelly will spend her upcoming second birthday hobbling and healing in the FoG kennels. But Dr. Ansara told Michelle that he expects a full recovery for the youngster with no long-term issues.

Dusty's injury last summer was much worse, and she's perfectly fine now. So we can vouch from experience that Kelly will be good as new in a few weeks.

Michelle retrieved two more hounds Wednesday night from Hialeah. Three-year-old Kal is the only male among a group of five black hounds at the FoG kennels. Apparently, they ran out of paint before 4-year-old Hawk was made -- he's only about half-black.

The three new arrivals join black females Fufu, Frozen and Stormy and fawn male Logan at FoG. If you haven't been at the Sunrise kennels for awhile -- or if you've never been -- you should call Michelle or Jerry D. to set up a time to visit. The hounds will be thrilled to see you.



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