The Kango has landed

Kango and his family in Cutler Bay
Clockwise: Rick, Kango, Kathryn, Janine, Sam and Bullet
That took awhile, but it's finally happened: Kango is now in his new home in Cutler Bay.

If you recall, Kango -- the spirited dark-brindle boy losing his sight to macular degeneration -- had a successful home visit to southern Miami-Dade County back in April. Rick and Janine and their daughters were looking at a busy summer travel-vacation schedule and told Friends of Greyhounds they would think seriously about adopting him.

Kango and Sam
Kango discussing something important with Sam
Some time passed, we didn't hear back from the family, and Michelle and Jerry D. and I went back and forth on whether the adoption actually might happen. Then, in early June, Rick, Janine and the girls turned up at a gathering at One Last Cast BBQ in Davie and had a conversation with Michelle. A couple of days later, Rick told Michelle in an email that they had decided they would adopt Kango -- but they were heading out on another trip and needed to wait until they returned home to take in their new dog.

Michelle then got a message Monday from Janine that she and the family were ready for the boy to come home. Michelle and I loaded Kango into the FoG greyhound bus this morning and made the drive south to deliver him to his family.

For what it's worth, Kango and this family are a great match. I left that home visit in April convinced that this was the right family for Kango. That feeling in my gut was reinforced today. Rick was genuinely excited to have him home -- calling friends, emailing photos. Janine sat with Michelle for quite awhile discussing treatment of his disease and how best to assimilate him. The two girls were thrilled to have him back in their home. Kango was loving all the attention and was fascinated by his new surroundings.

Congrats, Kango, Rick, Janine, Sam, Kathryn. You make a great family.

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