Scouts & Hounds and desserts, oh my

Dusty and Bailey with two of the Girl Scouts
Dusty and Bailey with Girl Scouts Liana (left) and Viranda
There were Girl Scouts and there were greyhounds, there were buffets for humans and hounds. And there were cakes and cookies -- lots and lots of cakes and cookies. Anyone have a need for a spare cake or two? I know where you might find a few.

Friends of Greyhounds and the Girl Scouts of Hollywood, FL, had a pretty good turnout for their Scouts & Hounds Pot Luck Dinner at the Hollywood Jaycees Hall last night. Temptations Catering owner Maurice provided the main courses, and a host of greyhounds and their humans brought the sides and salads -- and a couple boatloads of desserts.

Maurice spreading some love from the doggie buffet
Maurice spreading some doggie buffet love
And FoG spread a table with goodies for the hounds -- pigs in a blanket, cubes of cheeses and Spam, a variety of dog biscuits, peanut butter and Ritz hors d'oeuvres, marshmallows, jerky treats. And Deb contributed a plate of peanut butter-and-carrot cupcakes that were a smash hit with Dusty. My oh my, did she like those.

Most all the humans opened their wallets to buy a couple of items from FoG and some 50/50 raffle tickets from the Girl Scouts, raising funds for South Florida Wildlife Center. The raffle winner donated her share of the prize to FoG.

It was a great event, with greyhounds walking and lying about everywhere. Scout leader Liz had her troop serving drinks and desserts and selling raffle tickets. Sherry and a few other representatives of the Wildlife Center occupied one of the dinner tables.

I didn't get a head count, and I don't know several of the humans and hounds who were there. Among those I do know who were there:
  • Maurice and Patrick with their hound, Hermes.
  • John and Ann with Diffy.
  • Chris and Julie with Creepy.
  • Joy with David.
  • Deb, Kim, Hayley and Riley with Savvy.
  • Jill and Randy with Rainey and Slash.
  • Gene with Yugo.
  • Lisa with Bailey.
Boogie at Scouts & Hounds
Boogie working the room
Jerry B. also attended but without any of his hounds. And hosts Michelle and Jerry D. brought along kennel guests Boogie and Fufu, who spent most of the evening auditioning for prospective adopters.

And I was there. And of course, Dusty was there. Everyone knew Dusty was there. Dusty usually spends most of the time at these events letting everyone know she's there.

You know the bromide that greyhounds don't bark? Well, someone forgot to tell that to Dusty. Whenever Dusty is among a group of humans and hounds, she must be the center of attention or else everyone in the room will be scolded.

John has taken to calling her Dusty Barker. Jill at one point told me that she heard Dusty bark more in a couple of hours last night than her two dogs have barked in their lifetimes.

I still remember that when I first told Michelle last fall that I was considering taking Dusty home, Michelle muttered something along the lines of "I wouldn't miss her barking."

Here's Joy getting a talking-to because she was paying attention to David instead of the Queen of All Greyhound Prima Donnas:

I got a couple of other videos featuring Dusty and David as well as Savvy. They're posted at Dusty's Videos.

Once again, Michelle and Jerry D. put together a fun event for their adopters and friends. Thanks, guys. Can't wait until the next one.

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