Dee Dee in Davie: Day 1

Dee Dee in her new home
Dee Dee relaxing in one of her new beds
Dee Dee in one of her new beds
Dee Dee relaxing in another one of her new beds
Shawn dropped an email this morning with a couple of photos to let us know that Dee Dee seems to be settling into her new home. Shawn said Dee Dee's new brother, Charlie, seems happy to have another greyhound in the house once again.

"Charlie didn't cry when I left the house," Shawn wrote. "I got back, and both were laying down and got up with smiles, walked a nice walk together. And it seems Charlie is OK now, not as anxious. Still early, but looking good!

"Small issue with the cat," Shawn said. "But I think we'll work through it."

Thanks for the update, Shawn. Keep us posted.

Dee Dee and Charlie relaxing together
Dee Dee and Charlie chilling out together


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