Maggie taking charge

Greyhounds Maggie and Zoe at home in Delray Beach
Maggie, left, and Zoe enjoying some midday downtime
Maggie, the senior greyhound who lost her home several weeks ago after her caretaker passed away, hasn't been shy about taking charge in her new home.

Maggie and Cassie at home in Delray Beach
Cassie serves as Maggie's personal footrest.
Joan, the Delray Beach resident who adopted the 7-year-old last month, dropped us an email to tell us that Maggie has become quite the matriarch, especially at mealtime.

"Maggie is really channeling her inner self," Joan wrote. "She keeps everyone in line at food time -- no barking allowed from anyone. Of course, to achieve this, she has to growl and bark at the rest of the gang."

Four-year-old greyhound Zoe and chihuahuas Cassie and Smidgen "are not allowed to follow me into the room where the food bin is kept," Joan said. "She stands guard. I guess she is the self-appointed matriarch.

"Zoe allows her antics until Maggie decides she wants to share her bed. Then all bets are off."

From the photos, it looks like everyone's fairly happy with the arrangement.

Thanks for the update, Joan. Always great to hear from you and the family. Please, keep us posted.

UPDATE: Joan just dropped with a followup. Apparently the two greys had a small disagreement.

"Yesterday evening we had our first 'bloodletting' between the girls.

"I had just made their dinner, and bowls were sitting on counter to soak. I went into the living room to get something, and in that few minutes, I heard loud growling followed by loud yelps/greyhound screeches.

"I ran back into the kitchen to find both girls just standing absolutely still as if nothing had happened. I scolded both briefly, then put their bowls down. Of course, the Munchkins had done a disappearing act.

"As I put bowls down, I noticed a blood spatter on the floor. I examined both dogs and finally found a scratch/ding on Maggie's nose that was bleeding. I guess she got the worst of the interaction. Cleaned her up, and both were back to normal, checking out each others bowls and licking up any morsel left (they wish).

"I think Maggie tried to be boss again playing keep away, and Zoe finally had had enough. They will sort through their issues as dogs usually do without too much human interference."



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