Maggie and the Munchkins

Maggie and the Munchkins
Maggie sharing her new bed with the Munchkins. (Thanks for the photo, Joan)
Got another update from Joan, who says Maggie is adjusting very well to her new life in Delray Beach.

The last time we checked in, Joan had purchased a new bed for Maggie, who will celebrate her seventh birthday in a few days. Joan says Maggie loves her new bed so much, she hasn't been spending much time on the sofa recently.

From the looks of things, Maggie doesn't mind sharing her bed with Cassie and Smidgen -- who Joan called The Munchkins.

Joan said she's caught Maggie and her greyhound sister, Zoe, hanging out in the same bed together a couple of times, though one of them usually tires of that arrangement pretty quickly.

"Maggie has given a couple of deep growls/barks at Zoe when Zoe gets a little rambunctious in the morning," Joan said in an email. "They both compete for my attention when it is time to get me out of bed. I get body-slammed and nuzzled until I get up.

Clifford at FoG
Elliott (formerly known as Clifford)
"Maggie sleeps on her bed at night. She will jump on the bed when I first go in at night, but as soon as I bring her bed in, she jumps on it. She knows the household routine now and often leads the way. I think she is asserting herself as the alpha -- very gentle but can stand up for herself.

"We have bonded," Joan wrote. "She follows me around, and I get an excited greeting when I return from errands -- jumping and little yelps."

Joan says Maggie is eating very well and appears to be slowly gaining weight -- just what the doctor ordered.

Elliott update: Meanwhile, Corenna dropped me a note to say Elliott (the big red dog formerly known as Clifford) is loving life with his new family in Parkland. She said Elliott's first night in the house with Corenna, Jay, Elias, Sebastian and Moncrief the boxer went well and that his adjustment is going easier than they were expecting. Corenna promised to send along some photos soon. Can't wait to see them.



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