Mattie and Boogie in their new homes

Mattie and Elena in Coral Gables
Mattie and Elena
Dusty got to spend the afternoon with Uncle Jerry and her cousins in Sunrise today -- and I rode along on a long, circuitous round trip with Michelle to Coral Gables and then Pembroke Pines to put two more greyhounds in new homes.

Mattie and Boogie both found their families Friday at the Friends of Greyhounds kennels -- each within a month after being retired from their racing careers.

Coral Gables homeowner Elena visited Sunrise the day after she lost her beloved black beauty, Mocha. She called Michelle on Thursday to tell her the sad news and also to say she didn't want to waste any time -- she wanted another hound right away.

Mattie immediately claimed Elena, who told us today that Mattie has the same name as a favorite aunt. The brindle-spotted white girl is going to live a life of greyhound luxury with a nice fenced yard and a beautiful neighborhood in the Gables to explore with her new mom.

Here's Mattie getting her first look at part of her new yard:

Boogie is a first greyhound for Chris and Jackie and their 10-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Maggie. Chris and Jackie brought Maggie to the FoG kennels Friday to see how she might get on with a greyhound sibling. They really liked Boogie when they met him, and he and Mags seemed fine with each other.

Boogie with his new family in Pembroke Pines
Chris, Maggie, Jackie and Boogie
The two dogs passed their in-home test today. Mags seemed excited to have a new canine in the home after six months of being an only dog. Boogie was pleasantly curious about Maggie as well as everything else in his new Pines house with the big backyard.

Here's Boogie getting his first tour of one part of the yard:

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