Logan finds his way home

Logan and Darrell during Fort Myers meeting
Logan and Darrell just after adoption papers were signed in Cracker Barrel parking lot
Logan has found his way home.

Friends of Greyhounds VP Michelle and I drove with him Saturday afternoon to Fort Myers, where we hooked up with Darrell, handed off the big boy and sent the two new best buds on their way north to New Port Richey.

The 6-year-old Logan met his three greyhound sisters later in the afternoon, and Darrell reported that everyone got along just fine.

Logan shortly after arriving home
Sisters Briggs and Allie watch Logan enjoy a celebratory rawhide shortly after arriving at his new home.
It was a long time coming for Logan. He landed at the FoG kennels for the second time nearly 6 months ago after spending more than three years in a home that became a stressful situation for him. Darrell came along, found Logan through some Internet research, read about his plight and decided to adopt him sight-unseen.

It took some fortuitous timing and a couple of humans to go an extra mile or two for Logan to finally find what looks like a perfect placement.

Happy New Year, Logan. Looks like you have several pretty good ones ahead of you, buddy.



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