A cold day in paradise

Part of the gang at Flamingo Road Nursery
It was sunny but cold for the FoG gathering at Flamingo Road Nursery. Hounds and humans alike were bundled up and preferred the sun to the shade of the usual hangout under the canopy.
The hounds and their humans were bundled up Sunday for their gathering at One Last Stand BBQ at Flamingo Road Nursery.

The sun was bright, but temperatures stayed in the low 60s as a stiff breeze made it feel even cooler. Considering, the turnout was pretty good at the monthly Friends of Greyhounds event.

David in his jammies
Joy's hound David sporting his football jammies
Michelle handed out a few more kennel collars and had some hound jackets and jammies to sell. And Lynne turned up with a nice spread of martingale collars to sell. Dusty picked out a nice holiday-themed collar she plans to wear for her Christmas visits to the FoG folks and the grandparents.

The day featured Andy's first public appearance since his scary heat-stroke incident about a month ago. Andy appeared in great health, and Mike assured us that he has fully recovered.

Dusty and I wrapped up our two-day visit with Reesey and Savvy. We had a great time. Savvy is one of our favorite friends ever. That boy is one big excitable hunk of affectionate greyhound.

Michelle got Kelly delivered to his new home in Palmetto Bay with Sam and his son. It's officially a home trial. Sam has read here about how Kelly had issues with his previous family's young grandchildren, so he wants to make sure that there are no issues with his boy before making the adoption official.

Dusty at home
Dusty starting her recuperation Sunday evening from her event-filled weekend

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