Logan's new beginning for the new year

Logan's new sisters in New Port Richey
Waiting for Logan: From left are Betty, 2 years old; Briggs, 6; and Allie, 3.
Congratulations to our old friend Logan. The 6-year-old fawn fella has found a new home in New Port Richey, over on the other coast north of Tampa Bay.

Logan will celebrate the new year with his new daddy, Darrell, and three greyhound sisters in a nice big house with two adjacent fenced yards.

Logan at FoG
I will ride with Michelle on Saturday afternoon to Fort Myers, where Darrell will meet us to say hello to Logan for the first time and welcome him into his family.

Darrell, who works full-time at home, found Logan online a few days ago while searching for a male hound to fit into his family. In particular, Darrell was looking to welcome a grey who was having a tough time finding a home. He found the Friends of Greyhounds website and eventually this blog and read all about Logan, who has been in the Sunrise kennels for nearly six months.

Darrell also became interested in Casey and considered adopting both of the boys. But he decided two new hounds now might be a little much and settled on Logan.

He contacted Michelle by email to discuss the possibility. She generally doesn't work with first-time FoG adopters so far away from South Florida. But timing sometimes being a fortuitous thing, Dusty and I happened to be in the Tampa Bay area visiting Ma and Pa Sharp. Michelle contacted me for help, and Dusty and I made the drive to New Port Richey to meet Darrell and his hounds.

I gave Michelle an enthusiastic thumbs up, and she agreed to work with Darrell. And by Saturday evening, Logan will be able to call this place his very own:

KELLY'S ADOPTION IS OFFICIAL: The black hound formerly known as PJ who has been on a home trial for a couple of weeks is officially a member of Sam's family in Palmetto Bay. Apollo, meanwhile, is still on a home trial in Margate with Matt, Debbie, Jake and Shar Shar. All apparently is going well there, but Michelle has not gotten word yet on adoption plans.

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