Kelly's going on a home trial

Dusty and Kelly
Dusty and Kelly at the Parkland adoption event Saturday morning
That's two black greyhounds in two days for Friends of Greyhounds.

Four-year-old Kelly will be delivered Sunday evening to Sam and his family in Palmetto Bay, a day after Michelle took Kal to his new home in Coral Gables.

Kelly isn't officially adopted yet -- he's going to spend a few days with Sam's family on a home trial. But I would be very surprised if Kelly came back to Sunrise after visiting with Sam and his young son Saturday afternoon in Parkland at the Homes For Dogs Project event.

Sam and his family lost their hound to cancer a few weeks ago, and they are ready for another one. Their previous grey came from FoG several years ago, when Jerry D. and Michelle were operating in Hialeah. Sam keeps an eye on FoG's website as well as Dusty and Me, and he and his son got interested in Kelly.

He called Michelle when we were at the Parkland event and decided to make the drive all the way up there to meet Kelly in person. It didn't take long for he and his boy to settle on Kelly, and he and Michelle made arrangements for a Sunday delivery.

The weather was terrible Sunday morning for the Parkland event. It rained hard most of the morning, and some cool winds were whipping around inside the pavilion. It definitely limited the crowd at the Equestrian Center. But though the crowd was small, it was an active one. Four groups, including FoG, adopted out at least six dogs, according to one of the Coldwell Banker organizers.

And a couple of old FoG friends stopped by to have a conversation with Michelle about possibly adopting again. Shortly after Kelly was committed to Sam, Michelle got an inquiry from a couple who decided they would like to adopt a black dog. It was difficult to tell them that all of a sudden, there are no black dogs to be had at FoG.

Dusty with Reesey and Savvy
Dusty with Reesey and Savvy on Saturday afternoon
Jerry D. and Michelle will have Fella and Apollo with them Sunday afternoon at One Last Cast BBQ at Flamingo Road Nursery. The gathering is slated for 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Dusty and I might be there for a short time, but dog-sitting commitments will be taking up much of our time. We'll be in our second day hanging out in Coconut Creek with Savvy and Reesey while Debbie and Kim and the girls are on a quick getaway. Dusty and I need to get to Joy's house in Plantation to give her three hounds a midday break, so we might be able to stop by the Flamingo gathering for a few minutes on our way there.

Go on out to Flamingo. It's going to be a great sunny, cool day -- the kind of weather the hounds love. If Dusty and I miss you this time, we'll catch you in January.



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