Cheyenne gets her first home

Cheyenne meets next-door neighbor Dakota
Cheyenne meets Dakota, her new next-door neighbor. Click here for a video.
A former Friends of Greyhounds volunteer has given Cheyenne her first home. The 2-year-old was adopted Saturday, less than two weeks after the end of her racing career.

Fella at FoG
Michelle and I delivered Cheyenne to the Sunrise home of longtime FoG friend Kim and her boyfriend, Mike. Cheyenne will share a nice backyard with her big brother, Reno.

Kim had been on the lookout for a small female hound to add to the family. She stopped by the FoG kennels earlier in the week to meet Cheyenne and immediately decided to adopt the young beauty.

Cheyenne's departure leaves Fella all alone in the FoG kennels. The affectionate 4-year-old brindle dynamo has been looking for a family since his racing career ended in August. He plans to be at the Sunday play date at Dog Dude Ranch, so come out and meet him.

The event is scheduled for 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The address is 6305 SW 120th Ave., in Miami-Dade County.



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