Cheyenne: A little bundle of joy

Cheyenne on her first day at Friends of Greyhounds kennels
Cheyenne on her first day of retirement
It took awhile for Chris to find a dog for the Friends of Greyhounds kennels. But it was well worth the wait.

Cheyenne -- a gorgeous, tiny 2-year-old girl -- arrived in Sunrise for her first day in racing retirement. Michelle drove to Hialeah to pick her up Monday morning from Chris, who arranged Cheyenne's release from Florida Kennels.

Chris had been on the lookout for several days for a hound or two to procure for FoG. But with changes happening rapidly at the Flagler and Hollywood dog tracks lately, adoptable hounds have been in short supply.

Cheyenne is a white-and-black beauty. She's the first female hound in the FoG kennels in a couple of months. She's about as small as greyhounds come and has a sweet, loving personality.

Here's a short video of her hanging out in the backyard with Uncle Jerry:

Michelle will get her cat-tested sometime in the next few days. I'll put her on a leash sometime this week to see how she handles walks.

Cheyenne joins Fella in the Sunrise kennels. Michelle's scheduled trip to Coral Gables with Fella on Monday was cancelled. Instead, the Gables couple, previous FoG adopters, drove up to Broward to meet the boy and take him for a long walk. Michelle said Fella was on his absolute best behavior for the visit. Michelle said she expects a followup call soon.



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