Mercury finds a family

Mercury with his new adopted mom, Lisandra
Mercury with his new mom, Lisandra
Mercury is in a home, and it turns out he didn't have to go far to find his new family. The muscular fawn was delivered Friday night to Luis and Lisandra in western Sunrise, not far from the Friends of Greyhounds kennels.

Mercury and Luis
Mercury and Luis
This is Mercury's first taste of domesticity. The 4-year-old was fresh off his racing career when he landed at FoG in August. Luis and Lisandra are first-time greyhound parents, and they chose a particularly spirited one to initiate.

But it's a great situation for Mercury. He has a spacious backyard to explore. His new parents work opposite shifts, so he will have someone at home with him most all the time. And the L's seemed excited about the prospect of taking long walks with Mercury to get him accustomed to the neighborhood.

Luis and Lisandra had been watching the FoG website and this blog when they saw this video of Mercury in full-on prance mode. They visited the kennels in October to meet him and left Michelle with the impression that they wanted to take the boy home.

But they later decided to wait until after the holiday season to make a decision. Luis called Michelle on Wednesday to schedule another visit, and he stopped by Thursday with an application and to arrange for Mercury to be delivered Friday.

Mercury's adoption leaves Casey and Fella as the only two adoptables remaining in the FoG kennels. Jerry D. and Michelle have stopped taking in new dogs for the time being. They want to take a break from the greyhound-adoption business to do a little bit of retirement living, at least for awhile. Michelle told me they will continue to be available to provide support and arrange gatherings.



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