One last time (maybe) at One Last Cast BBQ

Hounds and humans surround BBQ Dave at One Last Cast BBQ
BBQ Dave (kneeling) surrounded by humans and hounds Sunday at One Last Cast BBQ
We had a glorious day Sunday for one last gathering of the greyhounds at One Last Cast BBQ.

Our beloved barbecue stand on the grounds of Flamingo Road Nursery announced on Facebook earlier in the week that it was closing shop at the end of business Sunday.

Diffy and Creepy at One Last Cast BBQ
Diffy and Creepy enjoying the beautiful day
But not so fast: BBQ Dave told us Sunday that we'll know for certain on Monday but the farewell announcement may have been premature. Dave said it's likely that he will stay open at the nursery. If you get past the great barbecue aroma, it all smells like a lease negotiation worked out in the end.

Here's hoping to see you again in a couple of weeks, Dave.

We had a pretty good turnout of hounds and humans, considering the NFL playoffs probably kept a few people away. The weather was superb -- sunny skies and temperatures in the high 60s.

Most of the regulars turned up -- Mike and Andy; Anna and Blogger John with Diffy and Creepy; Maurice and Hermes; Jerry B. and Wendy; Jill with Rainey and Slash. Joy G. was a late arrival with David, Honey and Turtle. We saw some old friends we haven't seen in awhile, and we got to see some new faces as well.

Dusty and Lee at Flamingo Road Nursery
Dusty says hello to former FoG kennel mate Lee
That gathering is always a great time for everyone. And we are pretty sure that our great hosts at One Last Cast will be around for the next one, probably in a couple of weeks. Keep your eyes peeled here and at the Friends of Greyhounds website for an updated calendar.

The next scheduled FoG outing is a play date at Dog Dude Ranch in Miami, slated for 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Jan. 28.

FoG KENNEL UPDATES: Casey went out a few days ago to some old friends who now live in Georgia. The senior couple is in Coconut Creek helping a family member through surgery and plan to take Casey home later this week to a big fenced yard he can call home.

Apollo's home visit is officially over, and he's now a permanent Margate resident. Matt and Debbie and son Jake were at the Sunday gathering with hounds Shar Shar and Apollo, making his public debut as an official member of the family.

Fella, the last remaining guest at the FoG kennels, is going to Coral Gables on Monday morning for a home visit.

Also Monday, Michelle will pick up a female hound from the Florida Kennels in Hialeah -- so even if Fella stays in the Gables, the Sunrise kennels won't be empty. I plan to get there later in the day Monday to meet the new arrival. I'll pick up a photo or two and tell you more about her soon.



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