A new beginning for the new year

Yuki and Shawn
Yuki and Shawn are all smiles.
Pearl River, the 6-year-old bundle of personality who arrived from Macau a couple of weeks ago, has a new home in Davie to celebrate the new year. She also has a new name, Yuki, as she begins her new life as a domestic family member.

Shawn, an old friend to Friends of Greyhounds, took Yuki home Monday evening to her new life alongside new greyhound brother Charlie. Yuki fills a void left in the home in early December when senior girl Dee Dee passed away.

Shawn provided this video of Yuki and Charlie enjoying their first meal together:

Her new mom hopes Yuki might follow in her brother's footsteps as an emotional-support dog for first responders at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, where Shawn is a captain. Charlie, you might recall, earned his vest last year as the first trainee in the department's service-dog program.

Speedy at FoG
Another Macau girl, Winning Star, is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday to former FoG kennel volunteer Andrea.

That leaves two Macau boys, Speedy and Victory King, available for adoption.

Speedy is a feisty 8-year-old with the curiosity of a cat -- a friendly, energetic bundle of joy.

King is a 7-year-old attention hound. This affectionate boy loves to cuddle and lean into a nice body-length petting session.

Both of those guys have all the vet work -- neutering, vaccination shots, dental cleaning. All of the Macau dogs arrived with some dental issues. Dr. Willie at VCA Promenade in Sunrise did extensive work on all of them. He doesn't expect any long-term effects as long as they get regular maintenance.

If you haven't met Speedy and King yet -- or if you have but would like to see them again -- contact Michelle or Jerry at FoG to arrange a visit. Visit friendsofgreyhounds.org for contact information.

Victory King at FoG
Victory King



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