We have a Speedy plan

Sharp family portrait
Speedy, Dusty and I pose for a quick family portrait, shot by Uncle Jerry at FoG.
Just a quick note to let everyone know that we now have a homecoming plan for Speedy. He'll join our household Wednesday of this week, the day after our new furniture arrives from Rooms To Go.

We decided it would be best to get the new living room in place before he got here rather than introducing him to a new environment and then changing it on him a couple of days later.

Speedy's departure from Friends of Greyhounds will leave the garage kennels empty. Victory King went home Saturday with old friend Jerry B., who gave King a new name, Vic. Vic is the fourth greyhounds in Jerry's home in Northwest Lauderhill, just a couple of blocks from Chez Dusty.

I'll try to get with Jerry in the next couple of days to get a family photo and some more details of his new arrangement.

Of course, I'll check back in later this week with some new photos of Speedy.

Shawn and Charlie in a photo shoot
CHARLIE'S A STAR: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Capt. Shawn and her hound, Charlie, got a photo shoot last week arranged by Fabulous Female Firefighters. The group is putting together a story about women who have had a positive impact in the fire service. Shawn helped start a therapy-dog program at Miami-Dade over a year ago, and Charlie was the first graduate. Charlie saw action soon after he earned his vest, providing comfort to first responders of the Parkland shooting. The FFF story should appear on its website (triplefrescue.com) soon. Shawn promised to alert us when it does appear.



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