A walk in the park -- as well as a swim, a couple of runs and some campaigning

Lily with Dusty and Luna
Lily with Dusty and Luna as the hounds cool down from a couple of open runs
We enjoyed our first taste of gorgeous Florida non-summer today, and Dusty took advantage. She and I drove to Coral Gables this morning to hook up with Dawn and her girls for a romp at Chapman Field Park.

Dusty had a blast. Dawn, Lily and Rosie led Dusty, Luna and I to the off-leash dog park, and found one of the two enclosures unused. The two hounds took advantage of the open space and took off for three or four runs together. It was a beautiful sight watching those two running free.

But that wasn't the highlight for Dusty. On the walk back to the cars, Lily grabbed Luna and Dusty and took them for a wade in the nearby river. Luna owned that little cove. She's been there before, and she loves it. She went for a dip in the cool water with no hesitation. But it was a first for Dusty. She's never been in a body of water, so she was a little hesitant. She dipped her toes in and checked it out, but I'm not too sure if she enjoyed it or not. See for yourself:

Rosie and Luna
Luna and Rosie rest up.
It was quite the eventful day for my girl, and she was gassed. We got back to the cars, and both hounds jumped into their bed-equipped rides and went down for a long rest. After a cooldown, Dawn and the girls led us over to the nearby Palmetto Bay Panera Bread, where we hung out at one of the outdoor tables and chatted with several passers-by who stopped to admire the hounds. Lily took the opportunity to discuss voting Yes On 13 with everyone who stopped to talk. She got a good response from everyone. Hopefully, she encouraged an extra vote or two on the proposition.

All the girls and I plan to get together again one Sunday morning in the next week or two, probably somewhere in Broward next time. Let me or Dawn know if you and your hound(s) would like to join us.



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