Starsky meets his new family

Starsky meets his new family
Starsky meets his new family -- mom Debbie, brother Heff and sister Tara
Dusty got to spend the day Friday with her buddies in Sunrise while I made the drive with Michelle to Vero Beach to deliver Starsky to his new family.

Starsky is the 13-year-old white greyhound who landed at Friends of Greyhounds a couple of weeks ago via a Palm Beach County vet and animal shelter. He put a couple of pounds on his skinny frame while in Sunrise and got a clean bill of health from Dr. Ansara a couple of days ago.

Dusty, Luna and the FoGers
Dusty, Luna and the FoG dogs: 'Can we go to Vero with you?'
His new mom, Debbie, is a retired nurse who adopted a greyhound from FoG several years ago. She loves taking in special-needs greys and is dedicated to providing them a great home and the day-to-day care they need.

Debbie's friend Laurie, another greyhound lover, helped greet Starsky, Michelle and I when we arrived at Debbie's home in early afternoon. And all of us got to meet Starsky's new brother, 7-year-old Heff, and sister, 12-year-old Tara. Debbie later told us that Saturday will be Heff's first anniversary in the home.

Michelle and I got quite a bonus after all introductions were made and the adoption paperwork was completed -- Debbie and Laurie treated us to a selection of deli salads and cheese. It made for an excellent lunch and some freat greyhound-related conversation.

Starsky has been a champ through all the bouncing around in the past couple of weeks. But it looks like he's found a heck of a new home where he can settle in.

Next up, Michelle and I will drive over to Fort Myers on Saturday to introduce Handsome to a couple who want to adopt him assuming he gets along with the resident bulldog. I'll let you know how that goes.



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