FoG welcomes another guest

Starsky at Friends of Greyhounds
Starsky shortly after his arrival at Friends of Greyhounds
The kennel population at Friends of Greyhounds has doubled with the arrival of 13-year-old Starsky, who arrived Wednesday by way of Delray Beach.

Handsome with a couple FoG dogs
Handsome (right) with FoG residents Yahtzee (left) and Mitzi
The way I understand the story, Starsky was given up by his adoptive mom to a vet's office in Palm Beach County. The vet sent the boy to a nearby animal shelter, which then contacted FoG. Michelle agreed to take in Starsky, who was driven to Sunrise by a representative of the Delray shelter.

Starsky is pretty skinny and has some dental issues. His back legs are shaky, and he's slow in standing up and walking. But he appears to be in good spirits, happy to interact with his kennel mate, Handsome, and his human friends. Michelle gave him a standard FoG meal of kibble, rice and canned food, and he happily ate it up. He tried to eat a Milk Bone biscuit but couldn't break it up. So Michelle broke it into tiny pieces for him, and he ate that eagerly.

The plan is to allow Starsky to get used to his new surroundings for a couple of days and see if he can put on a couple or three pounds and build up some strength. Eventually, he'll get to meet Dr. Ansara for a checkup and to see if anything can be done to help his teeth. Mostly, Starsky is in a play-it-by-ear situation -- just going day-by-day for awhile to figure out what might be the best thing to do for him.



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