A visit with Luna and her girls

Dusty and Rosie at Plantation Heritage Park
Dusty and Rosie taking a breather
A stroll in the park with greyhounds and girls to start a summer Sunday -- that's as good as life gets.

Luna with Dawn and Lilly
Luna resting with Dawn and Lily
Dawn reached out to me on Facebook and told me she would love to give 5-year-old Luna some social time with Dusty at one of the parks I have raved about here in western Broward County. So I invited Dawn and the family for a morning stroll at Plantation Heritage Park, which has plenty of acreage and shade. Dawn loaded Luna and the two human girls, Lily and Rosie, into her SUV this morning and made the trip up from South Miami-Dade County.

And we had a fabulous time. Dusty and Luna spent a few seconds checking each other out, they both approved of each other, and the bunch of us started on a short walk under the not-unpleasant morning sun. Lily had Luna's leash in her left hand, I gave her Dusty's leash to fill her right hand, and a great stroll was had by all. At some point soon, Rosie ended up with Luna, and the two girls and the dogs had a great time taking a few short trots (something Dusty never gets to do with her old geezer of a dad).

The six of us humans and dogs landed in one of the covered picnic areas after awhile, where the dogs were able to lounge on their beds and the humans sat around on the picnic tables telling each other tales about our greyhounds (what else?). It was a fantastic morning. We were at the park for about 90 minutes before Dusty started getting insistent about moving on.

Everyone agreed that we want to do that again in a couple or three weeks. If any of you would like to join us next time, drop Dawn or I a note and we'll keep you in the loop.

STARSKY HAS A HOME: Starsky, the senior white hound who landed at Friends of Greyhounds a few days ago, is heading to his new home Friday. He's being adopted by an experienced FoG adopter up the coast in Vero Beach who loves senior greyhounds. Starsky got a clean bill of health from Dr. Ansara last week. The 13-year-old boy will have a 12-year-old hound brother to hang with.

And Michelle told me this morning that a couple from over on the Gulf Coast has shown interest in Handsome. Nothing definite is going on -- it's only a phone conversation at this point. We'll keep you posted if anything serious develops on that front.



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