Senior girl Sly finds a great family

Noel and Sky at home
Sky, right, and Noel in their first photo as sisters
That photogenic old girl Sly didn't stay too long in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels. She moved into her new home Saturday, less than three weeks after arriving in Sunrise.

Sky, Noel, Alan and Joan in Deerfield Beach
The family on their first walk together
The skinny 11-year-old landed in Deerfield Beach with Alan and Joan and 5-year-old brindle girl Noel. Michelle and I took Sly to meet the family Thursday. Sly went back to Sunrise for a Friday visit with Dr. Ansara's staff before returning to her new home for good.

Alan and Joan gave her a new name, Sky. She's officially a foster instead of an adoption, as Michelle recommended, so that FoG can more easily help with medical issues that could arise. The staff at Animal Hospital of University Drive did give her a clean bill of health. She is taking a couple of meds to fight off some hookworms and to boost her appetite and put on a few pounds.

Sky is at least the third greyhound FoG has placed with the family. They had just lost one when Michelle and I delivered Noel, then named Goldie, on Christmas Day 2016. That was the first time I went with Michelle on a delivery.

Sky and her sister have a pretty good extended family for all their attention needs. Heather and her husband -- Alan and Joan's daughter and son-in-law -- live just a few blocks away.

Sky makes herself comfortable
Sky makes herself comfortable shortly after her arrival
Sky's departure leaves two adoptable hounds in the FoG kennels -- old friend Fella and new girl Molly. Contact Michelle or Jerry D at FoG to arrange a meeting with those two.


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