Molly joins the gang as BJ finds a home

Molly at Friends of Greyhounds
Molly on her first full day at Friends of Greyhounds
One fawn comes in as another one is on its way out at Friends of Greyhounds.

Molly, racing name Molly Ringwald, came into the FoG kennels Sunday by way of the Florida Kennels compound in Hialeah. She's another 2-year-old who joins the gang after a short racing career.

Molly is a friendly little girl. I met her for the first time Monday at the Sunrise kennels. She seemed happy to greet me and was thrilled when I walked out into the yard with her. But her first reaction seemed to be to retreat whenever I would move toward her with my phone as I tried to get a photo.

After a couple of minutes, however, she decided to take a seat on the ground. Once she did that, she did let me approach for a photo, though she still wasn't quite sure what was happening.

BJ at Friends of Greyhounds
It might have been more confusion than fear or timidity that was causing her to back away. In any case, she was happy to have my company and appeared to be a laid-back, sweet little beauty.

Molly will go see Dr. Ansara sometime in the next few days to get her routine vet workup. You should go to FoG to meet her soon. I suspect she won't be there for too long.

BJ, the 2-year-old fawn boy with the bright eyes and curly tail, is scheduled to go to his new home in Miami-Dade County on Wednesday. A first-time greyhound family came to Sunrise on Monday afternoon to meet the hounds and put in a claim.

The turnaround leaves FoG with three adoptables -- Molly, Fella and Sly. Call or text Michelle at 954-937-9663 to set up a meeting. You can also reach her at



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