Einstein has a home

Einstein hanging out at FoG
Einstein hanging out in the FoG backyard
Einstein, one of the 2-year-old boys who landed at Friends of Greyhounds last week, already has found a home. He plans to head to his condo in Miami-Dade County in a couple of weeks.

Einstein will get his vet workup next week at Animal Hospital of University Drive and will start his domestic life when his new mom returns home from an out-of-town trip a few days later.

BJ at Friends of Greyhounds
BJ in the FoG backyard
In the meantime, kennel mates BJ and Fella are taking a visit in the kennels Wednesday evening. While we're waiting to hear if that turns into anything, let's catch up on a couple of other friends we've heard from in the past few days.

Luna celebrates her birthday
Happy birthday, Luna: She turned 5, so Dawn, Lily and Rose threw her a party in the backyard.
Mark dropped us a video the other day from Ocala, where brothers Jagger and Facebook love running together in their backyard:

Officer Rick dropped some more photos of Kango in action. Rick said Kango prefers zooming in the backyard to going on long walks with his brother, Bullett. So Rick likes to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood with Bullett and then take Kango out back for his blue-ball treatment.

Kango in action
It's Kango for the catch



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