Einstein gets a nice view in his new home

Einstein on new balcony in Pompano
Einstein marveling at the view from his new home
A couple of quick turnarounds in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels: Einstein has found his way into a beachside condo in Pompano Beach, and Gabby is on her way to Coral Gables to take up residence with our old friend Kal.

Einstein, the 2-year-old white and brindle boy who retired earlier this month, landed in his first home yesterday. Cathleen claimed him about a week after he arrived at Friends of Greyhounds, but Einstein hung out in Sunrise for awhile waiting for his new mom to return home from a business trip.

Gabby at FoG
Gabby on her last full day at FoG
Michelle and I delivered him to Cathleen on Friday afternoon. Einstein now has a breathtaking view from his condo on the 18th floor.

Michelle was scheduled to deliver Gabby to Rhonda and Eddie on Saturday afternoon. The compact dark-brindle girl was in Sunrise for less than a week. Chris the Kennel Guy handed her over to FoG on Monday afternoon. Rhonda met her in Sunrise on Tuesday and immediately put in a claim on her.

Gabby only turned 2 years old last month. She's a great personality with ears that stay permanently at attention. Eddie and Rhonda adopted Kal in early December. They lost their collie a few days ago. They had been looking for a second greyhound to pair with Kal shortly after adopting him. Rhonda was interested in Cheyenne last month, but that girl found another home before Rhonda pulled the trigger.

Those departures leaves three adoptables in the Sunrise kennels:
  • BJ is a 2-year-old fawn beauty who arrived earlier this month with Einstein.
  • Fella is the current veteran at FoG who just turned 5 years old. He arrived in August. Fella is an affectionate boy who loves human attention. But he's excitable. He goes on a barking tear when a human enters the kennel, which has cost him a couple of auditions. He quiets down immediately when he feels he has your attention. But that first impression has left him with runner-up status a few times.
  • Sly is an 11-year-old white girl looking for a new home. Michelle just received her medical records from her former vet in Miami. Dr. Ansara will evaluate Sly and her medical history next week. Michelle said she will work with any prospective adopter once she knows exactly what the girl will need going forward.

CHARLIE IN ACTION: Shawn dropped an email to tell us that Charlie was a big help with first responders to the Parkland shooting.

Charlie with Parkland first responders
Charlie and Shawn with a couple of first responders
"Our CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) team, including our new therapy-dog team, was deployed to Parkland over the weekend to defuse the first responders who worked the scene," wrote Shawn, a captain at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. "It was an intense and sad assignment, but Charlie did fantastic as always.

"He's been seen by other departments now. and we are giving another presentation to a few departments for their own program."



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