A new adoptable senior at FoG

Yahtzee, Sly and Chumlee at FoG
Chumlee flirts with the new girl, Sly, as Yahtzee waits his turn.
We have a new friend in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels.

Sly, an 11-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, is now in Sunrise and ready to start over with a new family. FoG Veep Michelle drove to Miami on Tuesday evening to pick up Sly.

This white and brindle girl is a beauty. Her longtime mom is moving out of the country because of family circumstances and did not want to put Sly through the trauma of such a drastic move. Sly had a short racing career and was adopted in the Northeast but has been in South Florida for several years.

She has been spending a lot of time in a boarding kennel recently because of mom's frequent travels. Sly seems to have taken very well to her temporary move into the FoG kennels, where she's surrounded by other hounds and humans 24 hours a day.

BJ at FoG
Michelle is awaiting medical records to arrive in the mail. Soon as she gets those, she plans to get Sly to Dr. Ansara for a checkup and to find out what if any meds or special treatment she will need.

I spent some time out in the FoG backyard Thursday with Sly and Dusty and the FoG permanent residents. She seemed happy and healthy, bouncing around between playing with Dusty and the other hounds and coming to me for some human attention.

Sly will have her 12th birthday in June. She's really skinny, but there's a lot of love and life in that small frame.

Call FoG at 954-578-0072 or email Michelle at fogdogs@comcast.net to arrange a meeting with Sly. You can also send Michelle a text at 954-937-9663. While you're there, say hello to Fella and BJ, who also are looking for homes. Einstein will be there, too, for a few days -- he's waiting for his new family to return home from an out-of-town trip.



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