A couple of new arrivals at FoG

Einstein having a look around at Friends of Greyhounds
Einstein has a look around at his new digs
The Friends of Greyhounds kennels population has tripled with the arrival of a couple of 2-year-old boys from the Hialeah compound.

Einstein (racing name Idris Elba) and BJ (Dutch Blackjack) arrived in Sunrise on Friday morning to begin their post-retirement lives.

Chris the Kennel Guy told Michelle and I when we picked up the hounds that BJ is a laid-back lover. He's a small fawn fellow with beautiful piercing eyes and a curly-cue tail.

Einstein, on the other hand, is a high-energy, excitable youngster, Chris said. I noticed a couple of times that you only need to look at Einstein and take a step in his direction to get his tail whipping in a thousand directions.

Have a look at this video of the two guys exploring the FoG backyard for the first time. That's Uncle Jerry opening the window in the residence to meet them.

The two join holdover Fella in the FoG adoption kennels. The three of them had a visitor Friday afternoon. I'll find out later how that went and keep you posted. The two new guys will get their vet workups sometime next week.

Here's a video of the three adoptable boys, right after they came inside after romps in the yard. Call Michelle at 954-937-9663 to arrange a visit with these awesome animals.



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