Prayers for Andy

Andy visiting Pet Supermarket in Boca Raton
Andy at a meet-and-greet earlier this year
Prayers, please, for Andy, the 6-year-old boy who went home to Margate with old friend Mike on Thanksgiving Day last year.

Andy, whose racing name was Just Fast, is recovering at Coral Springs Animal Hospital after suffering a heat stroke Saturday morning. He was in bad shape for most of the day and into the evening Saturday. Mike reported on Facebook Saturday afternoon that Andy only had about a 50 percent chance. But Sunday morning, Mike posted that Andy is heading in the right direction.

Mike took the boy out for some lure coursing Saturday morning -- an organized run with other dogs involving a mechanical lure like is used at the dog tracks. Andy completed one run, and Mike let him rest for about an hour. But Andy went down shortly into his second run, and Mike rushed him to Dr. Willie at VCA Animal Hospital in Lauderhill. Dr. Willie sent Andy to Coral Springs a short time later.

Andy probably will be in the hospital for at least another day or two for treatment and monitored recovery. But Mike is confident that his boy is on the way back.

Post your best wishes in the comments section below, and I'll make sure Mike sees it. Or you can find him on Facebook here.


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