Dusty gets some fresh air

Dusty watches a boater on Stranahan River at Tamarac Veterans Park
"What kind of a rabbit is that?"
It was a wondrously beautiful South Florida November day, the kind of day that puts Dusty in a mood to frolic.

So frolic she did.

We started the day with a mid-morning walk along the Cypress Park Greenway at Tamarac Veterans Park. We didn't stay too long, as the bright sun in the cloudless sky got a little intense. But we were there long enough for a barking, jumping Dusty to chase off a couple of iguanas sunning on a rock bed alongside Stranahan River. She loves doing that.
Later in the day, Dusty and I drove to Sunrise to help Michelle with her 5 p.m turnouts and feeding. Having had a few hours to rest up from her morning adventure, Dusty was primed for some hound play with Mitzi, Yahtzee, Chumlee and Joy in the Friends of Greyhounds yard, where they sometimes encounter a couple of playmates on the other side of the fence. Watch:

We left FoG to drive over to Plantation for another visit with Joy's hounds. It was a great cap to the day for Dusty. She loves hanging out in Joy's yard. Honey had an issue with the distant sound of a motorbike behind Joy's property, so I took her out front for a leash walk up the street while Dusty romped in the yard with David and Turtle. I didn't get any video or photos there today, but this one I got a couple of days ago is a typical visit.

The great thing for me when Dusty has one of these days: She comes home, she eats like it's her last meal, and then she curls up on one of her beds and doesn't make a peep for the rest of the night and into the morning. She's completely immobile and silent. I drag her out of bed for a quick nightcap walk, but that's about all she has in her.

MAGGIE CHECKS IN: I always love when Joan, our friend in Delray Beach, sends us a photo of Maggie and her munchkins. Isn't this precious?

Maggie and her chihuahua siblings
Maggie can't escape the invasion of the Munchkins.



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