Checking in with some friends

Dusty's visit to Tephford Park in Tamarac
Approaching the western edge of Cypress Creek Greenway at Tephford Park on Saturday.
Dusty and I are enjoying a relaxing day at home today, taking the occasional long walk around the neighborhood between her greyhound naps and my Abbott and Costello movies on the Roku.

We had a fairly busy week. We spent several hours in Sunrise helping with Friends of Greyhounds business and were able to get to the two Tamarac parks a couple or three times.

Dusty also got over to Joy's new house in western Broward a few times to run with David, Honey and Turtle while their mom was away with long shifts at the hospital. I got this short video of the four of them:

There's another video of those guys along with all of Dusty's videos at my YouTube page.

LET'S HAVE SOME BBQ: Michelle at Friends of Greyhounds has organized another outing for us hound lovers at One Last Cast BBQ. We're set for this Saturday, Nov. 11, on the grounds of Flamingo Road Nursery in Davie. The party will start around 11:30 a.m. and go until sometime mid-afternoon. Come on out. These things are always a great time. And the weather should be perfect for a pleasant day outside.

Joan's dogs
YOU LOOKING AT ME? Joan dropped this photo today in an email. Seems like Zoe doesn't appreciate it when Maggie stakes claim to her favorite bed. Never mind that there's plenty of bed space for everyone -- including the two Munchkins. Joan reports that Maggie the Usurper, as she calls her newest hound, has taken on the role of matriarch since her arrival at the Delray Beach home last spring.

FoG COLLAR PROJECT: Michelle is busy these days going through all the kennel collars worn by the FoG adoptables over the years. She is in the process of indexing a couple thousand collars or so worn by the dogs in their racing kennels and/or when under FoG care. It's part of a bigger project to clear out an overflowing storage area. Michelle doesn't want to just throw these things out without giving her adopters a chance to claim memorabilia from their hounds' previous lives. She plans to send out an email broadcast soon to announce availability. But go ahead and get a head start. If you'd like to claim any of these collars, contact Michelle at 954-578-0072. Or send her an email.

Kango and Rick
SPEAKING OF COLLARS: Not sure what kind of trouble Officer Rick found during his shift the other day. But whatever manner of crap he encountered, it all went away when he came home to a hug from Kango. Rick told me today that it "still seems like (Kango) sees well enough. Occasionally, his back-leg arthritis seems to bother him." Kango is taking medications to help him through his eyesight and arthritis issues.



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