The world is Kal's toy box

Kal at FoG
Kal at his whimsical best
It's always playtime for Kal.

Kal is a big, strong black dog born March 2, 2014. He wrapped up his 66-race career as Turbo Kal in May and landed in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels in July. And he's been collecting every squeaky toy he can get his jaws around ever since.

In the time I've known Kal, he seems to always be chewing on some pliable squeaky thing. Wait. Let me revise that: He always seems to be chewing on some pliable squeaky thing only if he's not reaching into his neighboring kennels trying to get at the other dog's pliable squeaky things. When we do turnouts, Kal usually always gets distracted on his way out the door by a toy that might be lying on the open floor -- or by one that might be sticking out of one of the other kennels calling Kal's name.

Kal, simply put, is a 75-pound bundle of joyful exuberance. He loves to horse around with us humans, and he enjoys exploring the world from the end of a leash. The only thing that would make him happier is to have a nice toy box to call his own and someone to go out in a yard or a park with him and throw balls he could chase.

Call Michelle or Jerry D. at 954-578-0072 to arrange a play date with Kal. I promise you, he's looking forward to meeting you.

Five black hounds at Friends of Greyhounds
Molly has no interest in whatever caught the attention of Dusty, Stormy, Kal and Kelly.
LIKE HERDING CATS: I had an idea Sunday while at Friends of Greyhounds to get a group photo of all the black dogs in the kennels and the residence. Have you ever tried to herd cats? It didn't work quite as well as I expected it to.

I got one photo where four of the five were looking in one direction -- the direction opposite from where I was. But even with help from expert handlers such as Jerry D. and Michelle, that was as close as I could get to achieving the perfect five-black-greyhounds portrait.

I also got a chaotic video out of it:



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