Stormy finds her first home

Stormy's new wardrobe
Stormy cleans up pretty well, doesn't she? (Thanks to Carolina for the photo.)
Congratulations to Stormy. The 3-year-old black girl who had been in the Friends of Greyhounds kennels since April has found her way into her first family home.

FoG Veep Michelle delivered Stormy this morning to Carolina and Jorge in Miami. The young couple submitted an adoption application on Stormy a couple of days ago, pending a home visit to see if she would get along with the family's Italian greyhound. The two hounds hit it off just fine this morning, and Stormy became an official family member.

Jagger taking a snooze
Jagger taking a snooze
Stormy was the only female in the FoG kennels -- leaving the roster with six boys. Mercury -- the sculpted, athletic fawn -- has been spoken for by a returning FoG adopter and is expected to be delivered later this week.

FoG hasn't heard from the Boca Raton couple who visited last week to look at Jagger. They have not submitted an application, so it appears that potential adoption might have fallen through.

Others currently looking for homes are Kal, Fella, Logan and Kelly. Please call FoG at 954-578-0072 to arrange a visit with any or all of these guys.



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