Shy Casey returns to FoG

Casey returns to Friends of Greyhounds
Casey has perked up a bit since we last saw him, but it continues to be a slow process.
Casey's back. The shy young boy spent about four months in his Coconut Creek townhouse with his greyhound-experienced adoptive mom and his feline sibling.

But he wasn't happy, and he's back at Friends of Greyhounds looking for a more suitable home.

Casey, whose registered name is Killer KC, was afraid of everything when he came to the FoG kennels in April for the first time. He would cower at the back of his kennel if anyone so much as looked at him. He slowly began peeking out of his shell fairly quickly. He would come up to the front of his kennel for a hand nuzzle through the closed gate, and I eventually got him to venture out of his kennel a few steps to take a cookie out of my hand.

Within a couple of months, I got to a point where Casey would venture out into the backyard with me as long as one or two other dogs were with us. But he wouldn't want to stay outside long, constantly looking for an escape route back into the security of his kennel.

Nevertheless, Casey was noticeably more social after a couple of months at FoG. He went home with a work-at-home adoptive mother and her cat in late June, shortly before his second birthday.

But Casey couldn't adjust to his new home in the four months he was there. His mom said he was never happy, always hiding in the corner away from any activity. He didn't enjoy going on walks with her. And she finally decided that there was no more she could do to help Casey along.

So she reluctantly returned Casey to FoG to give him another chance to find a more suitable home.

I stopped by and visited with Casey yesterday. His disposition has improved a bit since I last saw him four months ago. He was reluctant to go out to the yard with us, so Michelle grabbed him by the collar and led him out.

Once outside, he was happy to hang out with us for awhile for some leg-leaning and physical attention. I had never seen him do that. And he was relaxed enough that he would lift his ears and react to distant sounds -- which I had never seen from him. So there has been some improvement with him.

Jagger and Facebook
Jagger using new brother Facebook as a pillow
Michelle believes that Casey probably would be happiest in a home with another hound or two. She said he did perk up noticeably when he entered the kennel the other day and saw all the other dogs. Also, he probably would be best in a home with an enclosed yard where he could run free with siblings instead of going on a lead.

Casey is a special guy, and he needs a special family. If you have another dog or two who can guide him and a bit of space for him to stretch his legs, please send Michelle an email to arrange a meeting with him.

JAGGER'S IN A GREAT PLACE: Mark dropped us an email a couple of days ago to let us know that Jagger has found his happy place in his new Ocala home. Mark said Jagger and his new brother, Facebook, are spending a lot of time riding in the car and going on walks, a perfect lifestyle for such a hearty hound.



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